Top songs for the ultimate pop punk playlist

This article is for the people who are fans of punk, alternative and of course, pop punk. (Remember when we were told to 'defend pop punk'?) Here my top 10 list of my favorite pop punk songs to rock out to when I'm feeling happy, excited, or even maybe when I'm having a hard day.

  1. Came Out Swinging - The Wonder Years


2. Mt. Diablo - The Story so Far

(image: pure noise records)

3. S. A. D - Man Overboard

(image: idobi radio)

4. Tables Turned - Neck Deep

(image: victory merch)

5. Late Nights in My Car - Real Friends

(image: band camp)

6. Rise & Fall, Curtain Call - This Time Next Year

(image: band camp)

7. Mona Lisa - Bayside

(image: wikipedia)

8. Failure by Design - Brand New


9. Walk Away - Major League


10. Summer jam - Set Your Goals