Tips to Help your Resume Stand Out

Resumes are important, especially for college students who are graduating soon. How does your resume hold up? Is it ready to get you that job you have always wanted? Here are a few tips to make your resume stand out from others.


  • Is your resume at least one full page? Try not to go over one page

  • Font size is either 10 or 12 point, not too small or too big

  • Make sure all your elements are consistent throughout your resume, such as: fonts, bolding, italicizing, spacing, and capitalization

Sections and Headings

  • Put your contact information at the top. Include your name, e-mail, address, phone number and website/Linkedin

  • Divide content into sections, such as: Work experience, professional skills, volunteer experience, involvements

  • Make sure to put the organization name, position title, location, start and end dates for work experience

Bullet points and descriptions

  • List experiences in reverse chronological order

  • List the formal title of your degree, and when you earned it or when you are expected to earn it (Example: Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations)

  • When describing experiences or statements, use the following format: strong action verb + who or what + why/ result of action

  • Personal pronouns are not used

  • Use numbers to explains your accomplishments


  • Try to create an original resume; avoid using Canva or Microsoft Word

  • If you are going into a creative career, try to create a unique design to brand your resume

  • If you are going to include business cards, try to make your cards match your resume