Ten Things I Learned from People Watching at the Library During Finals Week

Ten things I learned from people watching at the library during finals week:

  1. People like to take pictures while studying and post them on their phones, especially if they brought a coffee with them.
  2. Vaping in the library is not allowed… but very prominent. 
  3. If there’s dogs, there’s crowds.
  4. Crying is accepted and fully encouraged.
  5. Study rooms are battled for like the last parking spot in commuter lots.
  6. Parking? Never heard of her.
  7. Spells: coffee, sweat, and coffee.
  8. Long stares out the window are not for contemplating their studies, more so contemplating their college career.
  9. It’s never fully quiet…. ever.
  10. No one wants to be there, yet every spot is full.  

With that being said, remember to take care of yourself during finals week, and stay positive! You’ve already made it through so many hardships to get to where you are, don’t let one week push you into a black hole. Good luck and study hard!