Tea to Drink When You Want to Quit Coffee

If you’re anything like me, coffee can give you major anxiety. Tea is a great alternative because it still has enough caffeine to wake you up in the morning, but it doesn’t have all the stimulants coffee has. Here’s a list of my favorite tea drinks to start my day.

Black Tea

Earl grey, English breakfast, lemon tea; the easiest thing is to brew a cup (preferably in a very large mug) let it steep and add some honey or agave. This is what I drink most often because it’s quick, easy and tastes great!

London Fog

This one always makes me feel super fancy and it combines two of my favorite things; earl grey and lavender! I keep a jar of dried lavender on my shelf and mix it into earl grey in the morning and chamomile at night. A London fog calls for steamed milk but I always microwave it and it still works. It’s lightly sweetened and is a great Sunday morning drink. Try this recipe.


My Starbucks order used to always be a caramel macchiato. Every time I drank one it made me feel like my heart was beating in my ears and my brain was about to take off in a whirlwind of overthinking everything. I ended up switching to a matcha latte, which is also easy to make at home! Matcha has a ton of health benefits as well as caffeine, so it wakes you up and makes you feel good. It can be made in a lot of different ways but my personal favorite is the latte.

Chai Tea Latte

This is perfect if you like a lot of flavor. Chai tea is great by itself or as a latte. This recipe from Stash is easy to do and makes a great morning drink! If you’re a broke college kid whose low on time, just do what I do; microwave the milk and “whisk” it all in a blender.  

Quitting coffee can be really hard, but I’ve learned that I like tea even more. There’s just as many variations and each one of these drinks makes me feel way better than coffee does. Most of these I discovered on Pinterest and there are so many more. Do some research, try some out and find out what you like best!