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Super Senior Status Got You Down?

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at C Mich chapter.

Let’s face it, the college dream of graduating in four years is possible, but some students will need extra time until they’re able to walk across the stage. Though the 4-year plan is one of the cheapest routes, nothing is wrong with taking the time you need in order to secure a future you desire, whether it’s an extra semester, a year, or a couple years. Here’s eight reasons to let you know there’s nothing wrong with being a fifth or sixth year senior!

1. Freshmen year is more of an experimental year

Your freshman year is the time to get those basic college writing and math classes out the way. Unfortunately, you won’t always be able to pass out of those classes. Meanwhile, you’re still transitioning to the college atmosphere, so failing a class and having to do it over is common.

2. Time changes and so does your dreams

Just because you knew what you wanted to do with your career freshman year, doesn’t mean it will be the same thing you want to do by the time you graduate. College is about self-discovery, and you will find many other things you didn’t know you were as passionate about along your journey. 

3. The classes you need won’t always be available

The harsh reality is that sometimes the classes you want or need either won’t be offered that semester, or fills up before you even get to register. If you’re lucky, a professor may bump you into the class or you’ll get chosen off the wait list. If not, it’s okay. It’s not your fault there wasn’t enough seats!

4.  Life happens

There’s no better way to put it. From accidents to personal issues to financial problems, factors you didn’t even expect to happen, could put your college career on hold. Your adviser might also tell you you’re missing credits or a lab once you think you’re all set to graduate …your worst fear.

5. Internships vs. summer classes

There may come a time where you will have to make the decision to take advantage of an internship opportunity, instead of take your usual summer classes in order to get ahead. Though you don’t want to push those classes back another semester, internships will give you the real world experience you need when searching for a job.

6. Students transfer


Students transfer, whether it’s from a community college or a different 4-year school. Students will have to take certain classes that are not transferrable or meet another set of degree requirements.

7. Making time to experience, “The best years of your life”

Some people call college, “The best years of your life,” for a reason. Greek life, Registered Student Organizations, Sports, or other clubs, contribute to the college experience, and make you a well-rounded individual. These type of committments take a large about of time outside of the classroom, and even though you thought then the only thing you are graduating with is a degree, you start to find many more qualities within yourself brought out through these important experiences. Students want to make memories and lifelong friendships, which means you have to sacrifice time.

8. Colleges change degree requirements


Just when you think you’re almost finished wrapping up your major classes, a new class gets added or a new requirement appears. This is just one more thing that college throws at you and expects you to handle with grace. We are only human, and with everything college students juggle, it’s no wonder why it’s taking extra time for students to graduate. Don’t get discouraged, you’ve made it this far, so keep on moving!

Charnae Sanders is a sophomore at Central Michigan University majoring in the field of journalism. The Detroit native was a 2012 Lem Tucker Journalism Scholarship winner and has interned with The Detroit Free Press and The Wall Street Journal: Classroom Online Edition. She is currently the Editor of the Food & Beverage section of Grand Central Magazine and a former reporter of CMU’s Central Michigan Life. Charnae hopes to write for a professional magazine after graduating from CMU. In addition, she would also like to write and publish her own novels and poetry. She calls writing her passion and is fascinated with the art of storytelling. When this Aquarius isn’t busy working on articles or studying for an exam, you can find her cheering on her favorite sports teams or singing along to Taylor Swift and Beyoncé.