Summer Camp Music Festival- Don't Miss It

Summer may be a ways off when you consider that we just had school recently closed for a chilling -30 degrees, and that we have a few feet of snow, it however isn't far off enough for music festival goers for it is time to scoop up your Summer Camp 3 day pass and Pre Party tickets for 2014! Summer Camp is a music festival that is within size comparison of the popular Electric Forest festival that is held in Rothbury , Michigan every summer. Summer Camp (also known by the nickname Scamp) is one of the most popular music festivals in the Midwest besides the Electric Forest. It is held in Chillicothe, Illinois and goes from May 23rd- the 25th this year, the pre- party however begins a day earlier on May, 22nd for those who choose to pay a bit extra for another day of music.

Summer Camp is 4 days of music and ticket price runs on $175 for the 3 day pass and an extra $30 for the Pre Party which is worth every penny for that extra day of funky jams. As opposed to Electric Forests usual hefty cost of $250-$300 cost for only 3 days of music. The style of the artists that Summer Camp attracts however is much different in contrast to Electric Forrest. Summer Camp's lineup for the 2014 festival includes, 3 days of: Moe, Umphrey’s McGee every day of the festival. The other bands that play throughout your time spend Scamping are Yonder Mountain String Band, EOTO, Lotus, Keller Williams, The Family Groove Company, Bassnectar, Primus and many others. All in all 75 bands, 7 Stages, 4 days for a mere $200, well worth it if you’re looking to max your time of music per dollar. The experience of Summer Camp has something for everybody, electronic dance music and dubstep, classic rock, reggae and other varied genres of music.

Being an Illinois native I have friends who have experienced both Scamp and the Electric Forrest and who have come back with insane stories of meeting many great and colorful people, jamming to great tunes and having the experience of their lifetime, all while enjoying a fun weekend of camping out in the woods with a close group of friends. I for one will be attending the 2014 Summer Camp festival and I suggest to all you music fans, and freaks out there to join me, I hope to see you all in May, Happy Scamping!