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Starting SOLO: Zack Silver

While most people are eager to fit into today’s society, there is one individual ready to stand out from it all. His name is Zack Silver and he runs SOLO Detroit, a Detroit-inspired clothing line. Zack started SOLO, which stands for “Stand Out Live Original,” last year out of his CMU apartment. A senior marketing major from Southfield, MI, he had always had an idea he wanted to own a street wear clothing line and possible boutique. But Central had other plans first.

From playing hockey all his life, Zack decided to play during his time at CMU. But last year, while beginning to explore the idea of designing his own clothing line, he decided hockey was taking up too much time. Zack took a risk, he quit hockey and purchased some design programs. After teaching himself how to use more advanced programs after classes, the designs started flowing. The passion for designing rose over all other priorities. And others began to take notice. This was enough of a sign for Zack to decide on making clothes and selling them himself at different universities, exclusive retail boutiques, and online.

When the time came to expand this idea, Zack enlisted his brother and a couple best friends at other schools. After some intense social media immersion and word of mouth, the company started to be known all around CMU, as well as other colleges such as Michigan State. The team is now running the brand through their site, solo-detroit.com, and selling out of a few stores in the metro-Detroit area.

Zack describes this whole experience as “Pretty unreal. It’s nothing I would have learned in a classroom; I have to teach myself everything. I learn something new literally everyday, and love making new stuff as much as I can.”

As if being a student and business owner wasn’t enough, Zack Silver and SOLO Detroit are both involved in giving back as well. Zack says he was always a fan of the Heidelberg Project in Detroit, an outdoor community art environment bringing a positive outlook on Detroit back. Zack and his team have been elected as an official sponsor of the project and clean up there every other month. Zack has also begun designing clothes for the project that give all proceeds back into the project.

Life has gotten pretty busy for Zack Silver these days, but he says, “Its something I wouldn’t trade for the world”. Standing out was always his thing. Being original is his next step.

To follow the movement of SOLO Detroit, visit www.solo-detroit.com , or check them out on Facebook, Twitter (@SOLODETROIT), or Instagram (solodetroit).

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