Recipes We Love: Gumpkies

Grandmas' favorite polish dish: Gumpkies! Or as many know, stuffed cabbage.

What you’ll need:


2lbs ground round beef

2 cups cooked brown rice

1 head of cabbage

½ cup chopped yellow/white onion

1 extra large can of Prego (any flavor you wish)

Salt, pepper or additional seasoning.

4 or 5 quart crock pot

Lets start cookin!


1-    Let your head of cabbage soak in warm water for about 30mins before you start. The water loosens up the leaves making them easy to separate.


2-    Prepare 2 servings of brown rice in a medium saucepan and remove from heat.


3-    Peal off about 8 or so full leaves of cabbage. Try to keep them intact; it makes them easier to roll up.


4-    In a large bowl, mix together the raw beef, cooked rice and chopped onions. Add salt, pepper and other seasonings to taste (using your hands to mush it all together works best)

5-    Take a handful or so of the beef/rice mixture and place it at the base of a cabbage leaf. Roll up leaf so the beef mixture is tucked in nice.

6-    Repeat step 5 until all your beef/rice mixture is gone.


7-    Layer the rolled up leaves on the bottom of the crock-pot. Add toothpicks to keep the rolls together if you notice them falling apart.

8-    Once all the gumpkies have been rolled, pour the whole can Prego sauce over the leaves.


9-    Set the crock-pot to low and let them cook for about 5 hours.


Serve the gumpkies with a veggie side and a biscuit and our set with a delicious meal, straight from Grandmas’ kitchen!