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The Real Reasons Girl Love Fall

Yes, pumpkin spice latte’s, sweaters, boots and scarves are amazing. Every year girls seems to get excited about these items (I’m included…. I love this time of the year!). These can’t be the only reasons girls love fall, right?

Think of it this way: When the season changes from summer to fall, it is quit a drastic change. Girls take this change in weather as a queue to change themselves.

Since the school year starts around this time, maybe changing your study habits is a personal goal of yours. Fall is a perfect time to start this! Spend an extra hour each day on your homework, go to your professor’s office hours more and make more study dates at the library…. A pumpkin spice latte may be in order for those late nights!

Greek life plays a huge role on campuses across the campus. Girls join a sisterhood that impacts their life in a huge way. Whether they are joining a sorority or welcoming new sisters into their house, sorority girls always look forward to recruitment week which takes place in, you guessed it, fall!

Personal goals can be hard to achieve at times, but the change in the air can lead to motivation to change yourself. Ever notice how the gym is always packed at the start of the year, and then by the time December comes the crowd dwindles down? Those people who stay the whole semester probably have personal goals for themselves, whether it’s to lose weight or get fit. If your having trouble sticking to your fitness goals when it gets colder out, just think of how much less stressed you will be when spring break comes along. Hello, bikini body!

Lately a lot of people have been on a healthy diet kick. While those big, comfy sweaters we wear so often may seem perfect to cover up the food baby you have caused by eating too many doughnuts and cider, you know you can’t wear big sweaters year round! While it is nice to indulge in the fall foods every so often, maybe trying to eat healthy is a goal for you. Start switching those potato chips for carrots and those cookies for fruit! Just remember, calories don’t count on Thanksgiving.


While fall does bring the joys of football season, seeing all of your friends again at school and Halloween decorations, it brings up thought as to how to change a few points in your life. Take advantage of this time and make changes for the better

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