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Sometimes waking up a little earlier than usual to curl your hair or recreate an intricate hairstyle you found on Pinterest sounds like a good idea, but pushing the snooze button to score a few extra minutes of sleep before class sounds like an even better idea. Sporting a cute hairstyle to class or work shouldn’t be seen as time consuming. There are so many simple and totally adorable hairstyles you can create using only a fraction of your time. Here are a few of my personal favorites:

Printed headbands

Not only are printed headbands super cute, they are so incredibly easy to wear. Plus, there are countless ways to rock this adorable accessory. Throwing your hair up into a messy bun or loose ponytail and pairing it with a printed headband is just one way you can score a carefree hairstyle using only seconds of your time. In addition, printed headbands are perfect for those days you find yourself between washes. Thick headbands hide greasy roots, which can allow you to re-wear those curls for a day or two.


Scrunchies: talk about a blast from the past. These adorable hair accessories made iconic in the eighties are making a comeback in the cutest way possible, and they make for quick and hairstyles. Pulling your hair in a high ponytail, a half-up, half-down ponytail or messy bun and securing it with a scrunchie are just some of the simple ways to wear this effortless hair trend to class. Scrunchies come in a variety of different colors, patterns and designs, so choose the styles that fit your vibe and have fun with it.

Baseball hats

If you’re like me and struggle to keep your hair lion’s mane under control during these first incredibly humid weeks in Mt. Pleasant, baseball hats will become your best friend. Baseball hats are so incredibly easy to wear, and they save you so much time getting ready in the morning. To score a sporty look, pair any baseball hat with a low ponytail or bun. If you’re looking for a girlier vibe, wear your second-day waves with your baseball hat.

Overnight braids

Wake up with gorgeous waves without any effort by taking a simple step the night before class to ensure you’ll look like a beachy goddess. Simply splitting your damp hair up in to two sections and braiding it before you go to bed will have you waking up to adorable, effortless waves. After you pull apart the braids in the morning, you can always run a flat iron through your hair to loosen up the wave if you so choose. Topping your mermaid waves off with a little sea salt spray will have you walking out the door with adorable hair in seconds.

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