Mid-Semester Breakdown: How to Cope

It's that time of year again. We are all getting sick of the cold, we are dreading waking up for classes, forcing ourselves to go to the library, realizing we should have taken the last few weeks of classes more seriously, and coming to the conclusion that we need a week to ourselves to rejuvenate. If you are feeling any of the symptoms, DON’T STRESS. It's normal and we need to keep reassuring ourselves that everything will be okay.

1. Over your head in schoolwork

The semester is in full force and many of us may just now be realizing this. Don’t worry its not too late, kick your butt into gear and get moving! It’s never too early to start studying for that exam next week. Staying on top of things is key. It’s easy to fall behind, but it makes life so much better if we just stick with it and keep our eye on the prize --  which in this case will hopefully be getting all A's.


2. Dreading the sound of the alarm clock

It's the dead of winter, and at this point, we are all wishing it were acceptable to be in hibernation. Sadly, hibernation isn’t an option for us, I’m so sorry. But great news -- maybe going to bed an hour earlier or waking up and running straight to the coffee machine is the perfect fix for you. Waking up with a positive attitude can do wonders on the long day ahead.



3. Itching for warm weather

The amazingly awesome thing about the spring semester is that there is a week of stress free wonderfulness ahead. For many, this means going down South to warmer weather, and for some that means a relaxing week at home. Wherever your spring break agenda is taking you, find the time to RELAX. Lay down, read a book, or stick your feet in the sand and close your eyes. Spring break is a time for us to get rejuvenated and prepare for the last leg of the semester.


4. Friendship overload

Not only are we ready to press pause on life, but we also may be in dire need of a vacation from the roomies. This point in the semester can often times result in arguments. Living with people who are just as tired as you, as hardworking, as busy, and as poor can be a formula for disaster. It might be that time in the school year where you and your roomies need to sit down and rekindle the flame or maybe even hash out any annoyances. Whatever the case is, do it! Don’t let things bottle up until it's too late. Some days are going to be better than others but remain calm and know that tomorrow is a new day!




Life can be stressful and we all can use a break at times. When you feel like you are reaching your breaking point, just take a breath. Whether that is heading to the gym, taking an hour break to lie in bed and watch Netflix, or picking up the phone to cry to your mom -- DO IT. We have to keep in mind when mid-summer rolls around and we are dying to be back at school! We will wish that we hadn’t dreaded going to class, or wished for a speedy spring semester, or have gotten into that stupid argument with our roommate. Live in the present and enjoy life. These are the years we are never going to forget and we can’t take them for granted!