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Michigan Midterm Results

This past Tuesday, November 4th, was election day here in the United States. Politics can be confusing, especially to those who don’t quite follow up on it as much as they should. If you’re swamped with end-of-semester exams and projects, but don’t want to sound like an idiot when your Uncle Kevin brings up politics in Michigan over Thanksgiving dinner, look no further! Here are the basic facts for fellow Michiganders who are looking for the results of Michigan’s Midterm Election this past Tuesday.



Rick Snyder won elections against Democrat Mark Schauer for Governor of Michigan. This will be Snyder’s second term in office. He was first elected in 2010 when Michigan was severely struggling with the 12.2% unemployment rate. However, since elected into office, our unemployment rate has dropped 5%, making it now just 7.2%. His goals for his upcoming term is to “reinvent” Michigan, and is currently working to drive Detroit out of it’s bankruptcy. 

Although the liberals out there are probably wondering why Mark Schauer didn’t win. Some politicians say its due to his strong democratic beliefs, such as gay marriage, environmental conservation and protection workers. Schauer also had future goals of changing the tax system in Michigan, creating more jobs, as well as restoring the middle class. However he gave no details on how to follow-through with his desires.



Gary Peters won the seat in the U.S. Senate against Terri Lynn Land. He won with 55% of the votes, and will be replacing the long time Senator Carl Levin, who is especially ecstatic to give up his seat to Peters. Peters also is a key advocator for health care issues, such as making them more affordable, as well as helping the middle class make a higher wage.



Another proposal that was up for discussion was the hunting of wolves in Michigan. Michigan residents denied the proposal, however the Natural Resources Commission still retains the power to authorize a hunt for any species of animals, although this excludes the sandhill crane and any other species under federal protection.



Now onto some city-wide elections. Kevin Cotter was voted into serving another term in the 99th District of Michigan’s House of Representatives after he defeated Democrat challenger Bryan Mielke. Cotter plans on making serious progress with the road funding plan, as well as to reform the state’s budget to pay down debt. He is also now named the next Speaker of the House, in the Republican-led Michigan House of Representatives. Michigan’s House is now made up of 9 republicans and 5 democrats.



Another main proposal that was up for debate was the decriminalization of marijuana. Fellow Chippewas are either rejoicing or have little to no care about the matter, but the proposal has passed in Mount Pleasant, Mi. It is now amended that the Mount Pleasant City Charter Code of Ordinances will not apply to marijuana possession or transfer by people 21 or older, as long as it less than one ounce and on private property. 


These are some of the basic facts that have gone on within the last Midterm Election, so now you can breathe a sigh of relief for Thanksgiving dinner (but I suggest reading up on all the U.S. elections to gain more insight for those questions).

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