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Legislative Candidates for Michigan– 2018 Election

These three people are running for state senator in the 33rd district. If you are voting outside of the 33rd district, more information can be found here on what district you are in: http://www.senate.michigan.gov/2011_maps/Statewide.pdf

33rd District State Senator:

Rick Outman: Republican: Outman’s campaign is usually based around these four themes:

  • Small business owner focused on job creation

  • Pro-life “(I believe life is precious)”

  • Dedication to creating transparency in government

  • Defender of the 2nd amendment.

He was endorsed in 2014 by the Right to Life of Michigan.

Link to Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/RickOutmanforStateSenate/

Mark Bignell: Democrat: According to Bignell’s website, he supports :

  • Women’s rights such as pay equality, women’s right to their own bodies, and promoting health and sex education to reduce abortions around Michigan

  • He also supports the legalization of Cannabis

  • A livable wage (to at least $15/ hour)

  • Labor reform and labor equity

  • He supports college affordability, wanting to make an Associates Degree fully covered such as a High School Diploma

  • Rebuilding infrastructures, such as roads, public water utilities, and public works

  • Healthcare coverage reform and Michigan based universal single payer

More information on his platform is found here: https://www.bigmarkforsenate.com/

Christopher Comden: U.S. Taxpayers: His campaign issues include:

  • Controlling the cost of higher education

  • K-12 education quality

  • Rebuilding roads

  • Farming

  • Eliminating burdensome regulation corrections

  • Healthcare

His website is located here: https://comdenformisenator.com/campaign-issues

Representative in State Legislature: 99th District

Information for other districts: https://www.michigan.gov/documents/cgi/house10statewide_371473_7.pdf

Roger Hauck: Republican: Hauck’s website states that his campaign focuses on issues in:

  • Auto Insurance Reform, saving Michiganders on auto insurance and giving them more choices

  • Education– increasing funding to our educators

  • Roads–fixing and rebuilding our infrastructure

He is endorsed by Michigan Chamber of Commerce, Right to Life Michigan, Small Business Association of Michigan, National Rifle Association, Michigan Realtors, and others.

His website is listed here: https://www.rogerhauck.com/

Kristen Brown: Democrat: Brown supports:

  • Funding our education and increasing funding for pre-K to university

  • Affordable healthcare; each Michigander should have access to affordable and quality healthcare and the medicine they need

  • Infrastructure needs to be fixed, such as building high-quality roads and better water systems

  • The government should support small businesses and end tax breaks for corporations that do not invest in local communities

Her website can be found here: https://electkristenbrown.com/

Sara is an Integrative Public Relations Major at Central Michigan University. She hopes to work in a PR agency one day, managing social media for clients. When she's not reading yet another book from one of her three bookshelves, she can be found cuddling her cats, Luna and Selene. 
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