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Lauren’s Listening Club here with 10 songs you’re not going to want to miss! Some tunes good for walking to class, dancing alone, screaming at the top of your lungs, and everything in between. Feedback is highly encouraged, happy listening! 


“Afro-Bossa” by Duke Ellington No words necessary. 


“Age of Consent” by New Order Something about this song makes me want to dance myself so clean I don’t even need to think about when I have to shower next. 


“Twist It, Shake It, Rock and Roll” by Trudy and the Romance Grab some friends, jump in a car, drive to the ends of the earth with the windows down and this song BLARING. 


“Her & Gershwin” by Andrea Doria Still in shock that Andrea Doria is playing in MY apartment for MY birthday party. Grateful doesn’t even begin to describe. Take a trip back to their first track ever released. 


“Bad For The Boys” by Alex Cameron If this isn’t a 2019 anthem, I don’t know what is. Definitely a favorite album of mine so far this year. 


“Love Without Possession” by Mount Eerie, Julie Doiron Lost Wisdom Part 2?!?!?!?!?!


“Cold Caller” by Julia Jacklin Your weekly serving of JJ :-) Can’t stop queuing up this one. 


“Keep on Calling” by Nilufer Yanya *beat drops* *casually breaks into wall twerks* 

“It It Wasn’t True” and “Lived and Died Alone” by Shamir Once I listened to the full Northtown EP I knew just one song couldn’t do Shamir justice. Until now, I’ve limited my Shamir fandom to “On The Regular” and I’ll never forgive myself for it. They are so incredibly talented and creative and the rest of the world deserves to know about their presence.

Lauren Nowosatka is a senior at Central Michigan University studying kinesiology and math. She is also the Vice President of the Organization of Women Leaders, an undergraduate researcher within the College of Health Professions, a site leader for Alternative Breaks, and a member of the Honors Program. Lauren founded Lauren's Listening Club in spring of 2019, sharing 10 songs that all should hear on a weekly basis (https://open.spotify.com/playlist/2ZoarBWM8vdFvrfZgbrf9o?si=b-O4jR6kRn-2YWcMs2rBOw ).
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