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How to Organize When You’re Addicted to Crafts

Crafting is amazing and totally addicting. Whether you’re a knitter, sewer, painter or anything else; you probably have supplies on supplies on supplies. This can be a problem when living in a small college space. Use those resourceful crafting skills and try some creative ways for storing your hobby.

Cute and functional ottoman An ottoman can store your supplies and double as extra seating! Not to mention a foot rest, a step stool and a cute addition to your room.


Cloth Cubes These you can get just about anywhere in any color and they work great for storing craft supplies. Put them on the top shelf of your closet or a cubby tv stand.


Under bed storage Lots of people loft their beds so this also works under a futon. Flat and long storage bins are available at stores like meijer and walmart. They fit great a hold a ton of stuff. Bonus! They are clear and easy to organize so you can see everything you have without digging around. They’re also easy to clean in case of spills.


Vertical storage Find a big cork board and you can hang all of your supplies. This makes for easy access and cute decoration. If you use paint brushes it lets them dry without weakening the glue holding the brush to the handle. Make your own by gluing page clips to a cork board and bring your hobby off the floor so you have more space.


Crafting is a great release from the stress of college but constantly wading through balls of yarn and bottles of paint can make it feel like more of a hindrance. Use those crafty skills and make the most out of your space.


Tess Ware

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Hi, my name is Tess and I’m a double major in Journalism and Women and Gender studies at Central Michigan University. Planning to become a media writer after I graduate. I want to empower people through my writing and hope to someday write a book on the intersection of Feminism and Paganism. I’m a huge crafter, I love knitting and altering clothes I find at thrift stores. I listen to a lot of audiobooks in my free time. I’m really excited to be co-campus correspondent and Editor-in-Chief for HerCampus-CMich and continue to develop my voice, writing and leadership skills.
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