How to get Through College when You're a Super Senior

Are you ready to graduate? I’m sure many of us are. I know I am.

I’ve been in college for a while now. I graduated high school in June of 2013, then went straight to community college. I studied English for three years and graduated with my Associates Degree. I was happy that I was done with my first degree. The only problem was, I couldn’t really do much with an Associates Degree, so I transferred and decided to pursue my Bachelors at Central.

I started with a major in journalism but found out it wasn’t exactly what I wanted to do with my life. I switched my major to advertising, then integrative public relations. I’m finally happy with being a public relations major now, so I’m on the right track to finally graduating. It only took me 5 years. By the time I graduate, I will have been in college for 6 and a half years-- so trust me I am ready.

So how do you keep pushing when you feel like you have so far to go?

The biggest thing is to stay positive.

I know it can be hard, but stay positive. Think about your future. Sure, you may be a super senior (or a super super senior) but think about how all your hard work will pay off in the end. You’re going to college to further educate yourself. You’re going to get the career you dreamed of having.

I work two part-time jobs on campus, and it’s exhausting. I’m sure many other students have to do the same. Somedays, I really don’t enjoy my job. (I work part-time as a catering employee on campus.) Somedays, I’m really tired of working in the service industry. But-- I keep reminding myself that I need to stay positive and push through because I need to keep this job until I graduate and get myself a grown-up job. One day working through college, studying hard, and being part of four different groups on campus will be worth it. That’s what I remind myself daily.

Many people are not privileged or fortunate enough to go to college, or they can’t afford it. I try to remind myself that I am grateful and lucky to have had this opportunity to study at Central.

My main point is-- stay positive. You can make it through college if you work hard enough and keep your head up. Also, caffeine helps out a lot too!