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How Early Is Too Early for Christmas

The phrase “out with the old and in with the new” applies to holidays, right? Some may think so, while others may not agree. Halloween just ended, but that doesn’t mean Christmas isn’t already stealing the spotlight. What about Thanksgiving?! Now, I’m guilty. Every year I play the Christmas music in September, make a Christmas list in October and start a Pinterest board of gift ideas by the time Halloween rolls around. Is this all too early?

According to my family, yes. They think we should take it one holiday at a time, which means no Christmas music until after Thanksgiving dinner. I have to sneakily play the holiday classics quietly in my room while watching “Elf” under the covers late at night. But the day after Thanksgiving that tree is going up in our house!

Now, what about Thanksgiving? There is no candy to be given out and no gifts to be given, but there is an abundance of food! But this holiday often gets looked over. Personally, I love Thanksgiving. It is a day where I get to be surrounded by my family. I love that we have traditions. After dinner, we look through all of the ads to see what is worth buying during the Black Friday shopping that night. The girls always do a craft, too. It’s the little things like that that make holidays special to me. It can be hard to get into the Thanksgiving spirit at times.

Christmas steals the spotlight every year! Even as I type this I am sipping coffee from Starbucks out of their Christmas cups… Halloween was just yesterday. With there being Christmas songs, decorations and movies, it’s hard not to get into Christmas spirit a bit early!

I do have a plan to try to stay in the Thanksgiving mood, though. The main part of this plan is to focus more on giving and looking at what I have rather than looking at what I want. I always love the amount of charities that are out around the holidays and always give whenever I can, but I also always look online at websites at what else I can add to my Christmas list. It’s time to focus on being thankful for what I have rather than what I want.

The other part of the plan is to help cook the Thanksgiving dinner! I need to learn how to cook anyway so might as well start with an important meal! Now I won’t be cooking the turkey… I will probably start off with something easier, like the mashed potatoes. I just want to take the holidays as they come this year and focus on each one individually. That doesn’t mean I won’t listen to Christmas year until after Thanksgiving… old habits are hard to break! 


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