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Finals Week, as Told by Will Ferrell & Zach Galifianakis

So, finals are next week.

Your roommate says she’s stressed, so you tell her to calm down; we still have a week!

Then, she asks if you have started studying.

She asks why you’re not trying at all. She tells you to start early, so you don’t fall behind.

You start thinking about every fun thing you are going to do before you have to start studying.

And you spend the next few nights going out with your friends, wasting your nights away at the bars.

Then, you realize that exams are literally next week.

You start thinking about your ‘genius’ decision to hold off on the studying.

Fun’s over; you head straight to the library.

When you get there, your friend asks you if you have a lot to do.

And she tells you that everything is going to be fine.

You live in the library for three days straight, without showering or changing out of sweats.

And you have no time to eat, so when you get home at night you eat everything boxed, canned and 100% fast and processed.

You can’t handle it anymore, so you call your mom having a mental breakdown.

She tells you it’s your fault for waiting this long to study, saying something corny like, “the early bird gets the worm!”

Feeling worthless, you try and cheer yourself up, thinking of things you have already accomplished in life.  

The first day of exams come and you walk in with that sassy, smart-assy confidence.

After, you are so glad to be out of there, even if you did completely fail.

Then, you panic as you wait for your grades to be posted.

The first one goes up, and by some senseless miracle, you actually got an A.

The rest are posted, and you passed them all.

So of course, you must celebrate the right way…