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Fashion Police: Kathy Griffin Takes Over

It was a sad day for many on September 4, 2014 when the news of Joan Rivers passing spread across the country. The internet filled with posts from celebrities everywhere who praised her brave humor and everything she did for women’s comedy. When you have a legend starring in a show and practically making it what it is, how exactly do you replace them?

For all you fashion police watchers out there, it’s undoubtedly been an adjustment watching the show that has replaced the ruthless comedian with Kathy Griffin.  So after a few months of a new star, how are we feeling about the change? Do we love the show itself any less? Here are some pros and cons of having Kathy Griffin take her spot, at least in my opinion:


She entered the show humbly

After paying tribute to her friend Joan, Kathy Griffin made it a point to let her audiences know that fashion police wouldn’t exactly be the same during the first episode. Rather than jumping right in, Kathy promised to do her best to tell it like it is in the way that Rivers did. Her willingness to try, while also recognizing that she was replacing a legend, was endearing and mature. Not a behavior we usually see from Griffin.

She’s not afraid to insult people

For those of you who know Kathy Griffin’s previous work, her ability to insult celebs outfits comes as no surprise (seeing as she spent so many years making fun of them as people).

We are still experiencing the shock factor

It’s not to the same degree as it was when a woman in her 80s said crude things, but Fashion Police has still had some jaw-dropping hilarious moments after replacing the legend with Kathy.  

It’s what Joan wanted

E! Entertainment didn’t necessarily make the decision on Kathy for themselves. After news circulated that the 54 year-old would take Joan’s place on the show, many began to wonder why? As it turns out, the two were very close friends for many years. Us Weekly reports, “Joan has always given her blessing to Kathy and she always wanted her to be her successor.”

She lets Giuliana Rancic take lead

Rather than taking the lead the way Joan did, Kathy lets Giuliana take hold of the show. She doesn’t pretend to know fashion better than anyone she’s sitting with, which is probably a good thing.


It’s not the same when Kathy (or anyone) asks, “What are you wearing?”

And unfortunately, it never will be.



Rest in peace Joan. Your Fashion Police lovers miss you!

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