Dealing with divorced parents during Thanksgiving

Many of us are children of divorce. My parents have been divorced for 13 years now, but it still doesn’t get any easier. Especially during the holidays.

The first and biggest problem is; which parent’s house do I go to for Thanksgiving? I would say your best bet is to take turns. Go to your dad’s one year, and your mom’s the next. If that doesn’t work out, maybe try to space them out. My parents live relatively close together, so I usually go to my dad’s first, then visit my mom later. Just try not to eat too much!

When your parents are divorced, the holiday’s become a stressful time for most. Some parents still get along and will be okay with the idea of you taking turns with each parent. That is great. In my family, it doesn't really work that way. My parents had a difficult divorce, and they still fight till this day when they actually see each other.

It’s hard being the child and trying to satisfy both of your parents. You want to make both of your parents happy. You want both of them to know that you want to be around them for the holidays.

13 years of having divorced parents, I realize it will always be difficult to make everyone happy. I usually go to my dads first, only eat a small amount, then go to my moms later in the day and eat more. It’s the only way I have found to make everything go smoothly. It’s not your normal, Norman Rockwell family dinner, but it works for me. We always imagine Thanksgiving as the one time of year where all of your family is together. This isn’t true for some families. We make it work though. We need to at least be thankful for our family, even if they aren’t completely together anymore. Thanksgiving is a day of thanks, so we should appreciate the little things of life.