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Campus Cutie: Kevin Latondress

Name: Kevin Latondress

Hometown: Monroe, MI

Age: 21

Major: Finance

Minor: Accounting

Relationship Status: Single



Brother of Sigma Pi, SAP student user group, Sigma Pi IM General Manager, attending happy hour and meeting new people

Describe your first kiss:

Terrible, I felt like she was eating my face.

Worst fail at hitting on a girl:

Asked how her stock track portfolio was doing in my finance class

Most charming moment:

Helping a friend’s roommate home from the bar by getting her a ride and carrying her up the stairs to her room.

What do you look for most in a girl?

Good personality, good smile, good sense of humor, confidence, and needs to realize when I want to be with my friends (don’t want her breathing down my neck)

Biggest turn on:

Confident, approachable, and laughs at my mediocre jokes

Celeb crush:

Katy Perry

Any experiences with a crazy ex-gf?

After me and a previous girlfriend broke up, she threw a lamp at me for no reason.

Describe a guy’s night:

A major sporting event going on, drinking adult beverages, and listening to music while hearing ridiculous stories from my fraternity brothers

Are you a home-body or a party animal, and what do you prefer in a significant other?

I like to have quiet nights but I love spontaneous adventures and going out.

In a significant other, I prefer to someone who is willing to be adventurous with me but also be able to have a life of her own.

Favorite place to hang out with your best friends?

The bar or just chilling at our house

What is your definition of a one-night stand?

Hooking up and no contact with the girl again.

What are 3 big NO-NO’s that girls do that drive you crazy?

1. If a girl doesn’t like my friends.

2. If she’s clingy.

3. If she smokes and drinks excessively.

Are you a boob guy or a butt guy?


Being completely honest, what does a typical “guys night” consist of?

Watching sports, talking about girls, and enjoying some beverages.

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