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Campus Celebrity: Lexi Sheehan


Lexi Sheehan is a designer in the 2013 Threads Fashion Show.  She is currently a sophomore, majoring in Fashion Design and Merchandising.  She is from Almont, Michigan.  Lexi is also involved with the Fashion Association of Merchandising and Design RSO on campus.  

This is Lexi’s first year being a designer in the Threads Fashion Show, but she was a volunteer for promotions of the show last year.  She is really excited to see the exhibition of the whole show.  The fashion show was able to spend a lot more money this year on production.  They are starting the night with a VIP time where they will have treats and raffles for two hours.  She is also looking forward to just seeing her garments come down the runway.

Although there is a lot of excitement around the whole things, there are some nerves too.  Lexi is overall nervous about everything working out in her line.  She hopes that her vision will be executed on the runway.

Lexi chose the movie 13 Going on 30 for her inspiration.  When asked what made her decide on this movie, she said she went through a billion movies that didn’t fit her.  She ultimately knew that this was the movie inspiration for her, because it was one of the first movies that she watched with her best friend. “It just fit,” said Lexi.  After that everything started to come together.

The design process is a long one.  Lexi explained what it took to get the line from idea to garment.  First she pulled inspiration from the movie, and found the color scheme.  Next was a board design which was used to illustrate the pieces.  After that it’s about figuring out what will actually work, when it comes down to it, what you can actually construct.  Then came pattern creation and altering.  Last, the part she was still working on, was actually constructing the pieces.

According to Lexi, the most difficult part of this whole project was choosing the fabrics.  Ultimately, you want ones that will work easily, things like chiffon might look pretty, but they won’t always do what you want.

Her designs can be described as 80s silhouettes that still look modern.  The color scheme includes purples, greens, and blues.  It is a girly line with a lot of beading.  Overall she has three outfits.  The first, her “13” outfit, the next is a bit more sophisticated, and last is the actual mature 30 year old outfit.

Lexi has been working on the design since January and will have family and friends attending the event.  One of her friends is even a model for her line!

Marena is currently a senior at Central Michigan University. She is majoring in Public Relations with a minor in Leadership.
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