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Campus Celebrity: Jordan Benghiat


Ever thought it was impossible to land the dream job that was actually fun? Ever thought about what it would be like to promote concerts and go hang out with friends as part of your job? Well, CMU senior, Jordan Benghiat is doing just that.

The student with a commercial rec major, and minor in event management/hospitality, is known around campus as the “event promoter,” or the kid who sends out invites to every concert in Detroit on Facebook. You can find him on weekends at the concerts, promoting the bands, the company that puts them on, and the venues they are held at. Jordan does all of this through a company called React Detroit.


Jordan found this job opportunity about a year ago through a friend who saw an ad on Facebook looking for college promoters.


“They were looking for college kids at different schools to spread the word about the different events, concerts, and programs at different schools and venues,” Benghiat says.


The company was connected to the Congress Theater in Chicago, a major venue that hosted React Detroit’s headquarters. They started up in 2009, producing and promoting electronic concerts and events in the Chicago area. The Detroit branch started up last year, right when Jordan chose to check it out.


So what does he get to do? With a job like this, the real question is what doesn’t he get to do. Jordan is able to make connections, land free tickets, and gain huge benefits. Plus, it’s exactly the kind of work he sees himself doing in the future. While he ideally would like to get a little more involved than just promoting on the basic social media and flyers, he would love to start coordinating the events themselves and communicate with the venues. Coordinating the entire event is a huge process involving staff, volunteers, artists, and the audience as well.


“The connections I’m making here are contributing to the perfect future career I’d love to have,” says Jordan. “It’s got the networking and the benefits I need.”


Working with a company that has also recently expanded to California and cities like Milwaukee, the opportunities for promoting and producing events are endless for someone like Jordan, who’s getting into the field. He also gets to help promote and then attend (for free!), festivals put on in spring and late fall that are huge around the electronic music fan base. The Spring Awakening Festival in early June, as well as the North Coast Festival over Labor Day Weekend, both bring massive crowds of college students and a good time. React Detroit also hosts the after parties late into the night to keep the experience of the weekend going almost 24/7.


While he may not be able to work full time yet doing his dream job due to school, you can find Jordan around campus now posting promotions at local places like Wayside or O’Kelleys. He also is a social media invite guru, sending out an average of two invites to friends a week and posting mini flyers in high traffic areas around campus.


Keep an eye out so you can attend one of the most “high energetic shows you’ve ever been to,” as Jordan calls it, and experience the insanity that React Detroit puts on.


Find more info at facebook.com/ReactPresentsDetroit

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