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Campus Celebrity: Harrison Michels

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at C Mich chapter.


Harrison Michels is not the typical Central Michigan University senior. The future May 2015 graduate, has had a very fulfilling four years in Mount Pleasant, and is anxiously awaiting his life post-graduation.

Michels is a Plymouth senior, passionately pursuing a double major of Marketing and Logistics. “Marketing and Logistics is something I really enjoy doing. Dr. Cook was one of the main professors who influenced me to pursue this major at college,” says Michels. He also has a professional sales concentration, which is one of CMU’s highly ranked programs within the College of Business. Michels especially feels influenced by his professors within this concentration. “Dr. Allen’s personal selling class was what really persuaded me to choose Professional Sales as my concentration. From there, Professor Cherry really showed me the possible career choices and benefits from Sales, and really influenced me to continue with the program,” explains Michels.

Aside from his passion and devotion towards his studies, Michels is also a very involved member in the registered student organization, the American Marketing Association (AMA). Throughout his four semesters in AMA, besides being an active member, he has also been the Project Coordinator, and is currently the President. “Being President is one of the more rewarding positions I have held in AMA,” explains Michels. “This position got me more in contact with professors, recruiters, and companies, and gave me a great outlook on how to run an organization. We have been able to raise our membership within the last year, and I’ve really enjoyed being a part of that.”

Last summer, Michels also had the opportunity to spend his 12 weeks away from studying to intern at Global Logistics in Omaha, Nebraska. During his internship, he worked with multiple countries, especially China and Australia, dealing with next day delivery for his client Lifetime Fitness. “Interning at Global Logistics was one of the greatest times of my life. It was an overall great experience moving out of the state, and being on my own for the summer. Exploring a new city alone, and being independent for the summer was life changing. There’s actually a ton to do in Omaha.”

This summer, Michels will be interning with Thomson Reuters for their sales position. He hopes by the Fall, he will have a full-time sales position with the company. However, his plans do not stop there. Michels explains that he has long-term plans to either run or own his own company within the next ten years. 

Aside from schoolwork, interning, and doing Presidential duties for AMA, Harrison also enjoys golfing, eating, and spending his Thursday night at his favorite bar, the Blue Gator. He also has a passion to travel, and really hopes to make the journey to Australia, London, Italy, and Germany within the next five years.

When asked if he had any advice for future business majors, his response was simple: “Start networking early, and make connectors with your professors and club members. Even as a senior, I have created great relationships with companies even after accepting my internship. Networking is everything.”