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Campus Celebrity: Cody Wilson

Most people these days don’t get to actually follow their dreams and do what they’re most passionate about. Cody Wilson is not most people. 

Cody started playing football when he was 8 years old and knew he always wanted to continue to play as long as he could. His two older brothers were playing, so why not him? He played throughout his school years and then committed during his junior year of high school to play at Central Michigan University. He really liked the overall feel of the school and the offensive system on the team he would soon play for.

Choosing Central turned out to be a great decision and everyone close to Cody was very excited and happy for him. His family has made it to every game and are really supportive of Cody, as well as his team.

“It’s cool that they can come to all the games. The family can do something together and a lot of out of town family can come. It’s great to spend time together and see one another at the games,” Cody says.

Now, it’s two weeks until the Chippewas compete in the Little Caesar’s Bowl Game at Ford Field, and  #11, Cody Wilson is more excited than ever. He’s played there before, as a freshman in the MAC Championship. This game means a little more than a bowl game too. It’s Cody’s last game as a Chippewa. Graduating in December, he says he’s really excited for the future and whatever he does next, but he will miss this team.

After he graduates, Cody hopes to go and train to play pro football and if that doesn’t work, maybe look into a job in ministry. This is just one another passion that he has.

“The possibility of going pro is an incredible opportunity and one you just don’t pass up,” says Cody. “But I’m happy with both options for my future and can share Christ’s love either way.”

Pursuing your passions is something Cody really believes in. Fortunately, both these options offer that for him. Both of these also him the opportunity to do something everyday that he enjoys doing and work doesn’t feel like work. Playing pro or working in ministry, both offer something to get excited about to go do everyday and live for.

During his time playing football at Central, he was very involved. He was a huge part of FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes), and led it for three years. He was actively involved with His House as well. He also lives in the infamous “Animal Farm” house on campus. It’s a house covered in animal décor and contains seven guys, the majority being CMU athletes. They make family dinners together twice a week and even have their own shirts with their “animal names” on them. He also lives with Hercampus at Cmich’s very own Campus Cutie, Kevin Rohner. Cody describes living with them as a lot of fun and that they were a very close house. Living with them made his days more enjoyable and they got to develop relationships deeper than just hanging out. They go to church together, hang out together, and just “do life together,” he says.

Cody also describes college as a time when most people discover who they’re going to be for the rest of their life or grow up. He says he’s still the same guy, focusing on more than just football, but on becoming the man he wants to be.

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