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The Big, the Bold, and the Bushy

Eyebrows come in all shapes, sizes, and color,s so why do girls downplay the importance of them? Personally, I feel that a woman should spend more time shaping, grooming, and maintaining those wild beasts. Think of maintaining eyebrows as a necessary beauty practice, just as shaving your armpits. So, how do you get those iconic arches without overdoing it? Here are a few of my eyebrow tips to help you get those perfect brows.

Things you will need:–       Spooly brush (or old and cleaned mascara wand)-       Manicure scissors-       Tweezers-       Brow shadow

The first thing you will want to do is groom the eyebrows, making sure you don’t have hairs that are longer than the natural shape of your eyebrows. Take your spooly brush and comb the hairs up towards your hairline and trim the hairs that are longer than your natural brows.

Next, you want to determine where your eyebrows should start, end, and most importantly, arch. You can do this by grabbing any straight object; I prefer a pencil or pen. To decide where your eyebrows should start take that pencil and place it along one side of your nose. Wherever the object lands is where your brow should start.

To decide where your eyebrows should end, take the pencil and angle it to the outer corner of your eye. This is where your eyebrows should end. 

To decide where your eyebrows should arch, angle the pencil across the iris (or pupil) of your eyeball. This is where your arch should be.

After deciding the shape of your eyebrows, you will want to grab your tweezers and pluck only hairs above and below the eyebrow. You don’t want to leave any stragglers behind. My rule of thumb: don’t pluck into your natural eyebrows, just around them. This will help prevent the overly tweezed and thin brow look. 

Now to my favorite part, filling in the brows! Something to keep in mind before doing this is to determine the shade you should be using. For blondes, use a taupe color and for all others, use a brown shade. I start by outlining and filling my eyebrows with a wax, but some people prefer an eyebrow pencil. I prefer wax because it also helps to hold the shadow longer throughout the day. However, the choice is yours. You will then want to use light and short strokes to fill in your brows with the shadow. Keep in mind to prevent overfilling them or making them too dark.

The product I love and use to fill in my eyebrows! Brow Zings Deep – Benefit Cosmetics – Ulta $32


Anastasha is a senior at Central Michigan University. She is studying public relations and journalism. She is from a small town called Holt which is just south of Lansing, MI. Anastasha is both a politics and sports enthusiast. She is also a dedicated runner and a chocolate and wine connoisseur.
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