Best Remedies for Bad Cramps

Most people with menstrual cycles know how bad cramps can get (some lucky few don’t). We all have our ways of dealing with the pain, but these are some tried and true tricks for dealing with period cramps.

Heating pad

Possibly the greatest thing I own is my heating pad. It’s my go to when I have cramps or any kind of muscle pain. Lay down with a blanket, watch your favorite show and put a heating pad in your waistband. Try rotating it between your front and back for those awful 360 degree cramps.

Hot shower/bath

When the heating pad isn’t working, try taking a hot shower and bath and doing some light stretches in the water. Movement combined with the heat will help your muscles relax and get you feeling better!


This is great for helping you feel more relaxed and calm. Put a few drops of essential oil in your shower and let the steam disperse the smell. You can get a $10 diffuser from TJ Maxx or Marshalls and let it run while you relax with you heating pad. Even just rubbing a couple drops of lavender on your chest or mixing some into your body lotion will have you calm and comfortable in minutes.  


When your cramps have been lasting for hours and you can’t seem to make them feel better, it’s best to get yourself moving. As little as you may want to, sometimes getting out of bed and moving around is the best way to relieve cramps. Personally I don’t think you need to go to the gym and do a full workout, but doing some stretches on your bedroom floor or going for a short walk outside will help with the pain and the bloating.


It’s important to stay hydrated on your period. Water helps with the bloating, while sugar and sodium from other drinks makes it worse. It’s really difficult to motivate yourself to drink water when you’re on your period. But just drinking a couple glasses when your cramps hit can make a big difference in how bad they hurt and how long they last. Not to mention it helps with the bloating.

All of these remedies can, and should, be used together. At the same time or one after the other, they can help you get through your period and still be a functioning human being.