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Advice From The Women Who Do It All

College is a time for students to master the balancing act of doing well in school, extracurricular activities, and attaining a fulfilling social life in preparation for the real world. Her Campus C Mich asked these hard-working women how they have achieved the perfect trifecta. Their words of advice may help students find the motivation to do it all.


Alex Puzzolo

“The Trendsetter”

-Central Michigan University alumna

-Associate Program Manager at Vision2Voice

-Part-time helping with special events at a local fine jewelry store

-Skimbassador for The Skimm

-Founder of Her Campus C-Mich chapter


“Lists, lists, lists, and more lists. Prioritize and get the big, more time consuming tasks out of the way. As hard as it is to not procrastinate, you will be way less stressed during crunch time. I mean who doesn’t love going to the cabin on a Monday or Wednesday just because you don’t have to cram or pull an all-nighter?”



Katie Frankhart

“The Beauty and Brains”

-Central Michigan University student

-Vice President of PRSSA

-Former President/Campus Correspondent of Her Campus C Mich

-National Contributor for Her Campus

-Intern for University Communications for Central Michigan University


“Learn how to say “no” to things! Part of being successful means understanding the value of balance. You will never be happy with your work if you feel like your personal life and relationships are at constantly being sacrificed. You have to have a good support system to keep yourself going!”

Caitlin Rempalski

“The Superwoman”

-Team Leader at Louis Vuitton in Chicago

-Central Michigan University alumna


“Never compare yourself to others. You know your qualities and your best features more than anyone and use that to your ability. If you have a fear of something, face it head on. Never let a failure or mistake discourage you, but rather encourage you to do it right the next time. Strive for progress instead of perfection. Most of all, find your passion because if you have a job your passionate about, you will succeed beyond measure. Don’t forget to celebrate your successes even if that’s by celebrating a longer shift than usual or accomplishing a personal goal that week. After all, that’s how us “workaholics” find an excuse to go out and have some fun!”




Ashley Williams

“The Overachiever”

-Central Michigan University student

-Alpha Chi Omega President

-St. Jude’s Up ‘til Dawn Volunteer

-Alternative Breaks Participant

-Study Abroad Student

-Leadership Safari Guide

-Career Services Volunteer

-Honors Student


“For almost my entire freshman year I was controlled by the idea that I needed a 4.0 to consider myself successful at CMU, but as soon as I could find a healthy balance between being satisfied with my grades, and being able to do everything that I wanted outside of the classroom, I knew I had found my sweet spot. Never ever hesitate to get involved, but be honest with yourself, and prioritize! You know yourself the best, so use that to find the balance that works for you! Challenge yourself in and out of the classroom, but set aside time for fun, set goals to keep you on track, make connections, and don’t ever give yourself a reason to say, ‘I wish I had.’”


Caroline Powers

“The Busy-Body”

-Central Michigan University student

– News Central 34 Reporter

– CM-Life Central Spotlight co-host

– Phi Sigma Sigma Vice President

– Alpha Leadership Coordinator

– Leadership Safari Guide

– Phonathon Supervisor

– CMU Campus Ambassador

– Her Campus C Mich contributing writer


“It’s good to be well rounded and get involved. Having a wide range of involvements helps you meet new people, build character, and learn how to work in different environments. However, don’t join too many groups if you can’t handle the commitment. It’s better to be committed to something 100% than 50%.”


Bridget Fury

“The Dreamer”

-Central Michigan University student

-Enrolled at the Gemological Institute of America

-Member of the Gemological Institute of America’s Alumni Association

-Former member of Supply Chain Management Association


“Pursue a career you love, and it will motivate you to do everything possible to reach your dream. Don’t feel guilty saying no to going out if your to-do list is stressing you out, but always reward yourself for all your hard work when you can. Most importantly surround yourself with friends that will support you, and who will understand when you have priorities more important than going out, but will also encourage you to celebrate your success.”

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