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The 8 Truths Behind Why Girls Love Shapchat

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at C Mich chapter.

Even though it seems like a new social media app is released once a week, it seems like many of these crazes end just as fast as they are created.  There’s something about Snapchat, though, that’s really stuck with our generation, especially with us girls.  Here are the 8 truths behind why us girls love Snapchat.

1. Snapchat allows us to send horrible drunken selfies that we never have to lay eyes on again… unless our friends have mastered the art of the screenshot.

2. Snapchat also allows us to send selfies when we feel good about ourselves… something way more acceptable than daily Instagram selfies.  The amount of seconds you allow your snapchat to be seen is directly correlated to an imaginary scale: 1 being “looking like an extra on Walking Dead” and 10 being “Beyonce.”


3. Snapchat is the subtle way of talking to your crush.  For all he knows, you could have sent the same Snapchat to 10 other people.  It’s a way to communicate without coming on too strong.


4. The Snapchat camera is oh so flattering.  It doesn’t flip your face like the regular camera does, which makes you look like a creature from middle Earth.

5. However, we do love sending ugly pictures to our friends, only to receive some in return to feel better about our own.

6. Making my stories is just fun.  They are a great way to capture the night, see what others are up to, or to capture your friends when they are doing something ridiculous.

7. Girls love being able to creep on who viewed their “my stories.”  Especially when the guy they are crushin’ on happens to view it.

8. Snapchat is a fun way to informally communicate.  Haven’t chatted with one of your friends in awhile because of your busy schedules? Send a few Snapchats back and forth and you feel back in the loop.


We love Snapchat now, but I’m sure the newest craze will be hitting us soon.  Snapchat better keep staying on top of their game to keep us around.

Senior at CMU. Majoring in Integrative Public Relations and minoring in Event Management. Member of Sigma Kappa Sorority.