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5 Ways to Stay Out of Trouble on St. Patty’s Day

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at C Mich chapter.


One of the most highly anticipated holidays is just around the corner! Yup, you guessed it, St. Patrick’s Day.  We all know exactly what time we are waking up, what crazy green outfit we are wearing, and what kind of festivities we will be participating in.  Well, the Mt. Pleasant, Isabella County and the Central Michigan University law enforcements have been preparing for this day as well.  They are well aware of how Central students like to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and bulk up their numbers to make sure everything stays under control and that students are safe.

For those of us who have been here for a while, we know how to celebrate and stay out of trouble.  For under classmen, transfer students, and visitors, here are some tips.

1.       Don’t Carry Drinks

Whether you are of age or not, carrying an open container of alcohol is against the law.  This includes the infamous red solo cup, bottles, cans, bags of wine and even water bottles that we know don’t have water in them. Consequences of getting stopped by the police with these can be a Minor in Possession (MIP) if you are under 21 and if you are over 21, and Open Intox charge.

2.       Follow the Buddy System

It is easy to spot the lone wander; police can tell this person is probably under age and most likely intoxicated.  When you are walking alone you are an easy target for the police.  Stick with the people you go out with, this will prevent someone from getting singled out and it is a lot safer. Ladies look out for one another!

3.       Ditch the Fake

With extra law enforcement present, your chances of getting away with a fake ID are none to zero.  And, if you are caught with a fake, you just got yourself in way more trouble than just an MIP.  It is not worth it, just leave them at home.

4.       Pay Attention to Your Surroundings

If you are underage and notice the party starts to get out of hand, the police are most likely on their way to break it up. Noise violations frequently result in MIPs.  This is a sign that it is time to move on to the next party.

5.       Keep Calm and Have Fun

Keep your cool, walk straight, look out for your friends, and have a good time. No one is out to get you; the people who act like idiots are the ones who land themselves in trouble. Be smart and stay safe.


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Alex Puzzolo is a junior at Central Michigan University. She is majoring in Integrative Public Relations and minoring in Leadership. She is an active member in her sorority, Phi Sigma Sigma, by holding Executive Board positions. Alex is a Co-founder of the Central Michigan University chapter of Her Campus. She is from Mundelein, IL and loves to travel. She has been to multiple countries and just recently completed an internship in Ireland. An interesting fact about Alex is that she has worked in a jewelery store for the past two years and is certified member of the Gemology Institute of America.