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5 Ways To Be Fashionable While Staying Warm

Now that our holiday spirit is long out the door, the last thing any of us (particularly me) want to do is deal with this snow. For those of you who find it difficult to appreciate this time of year, you’ll agree that tons of snow is only “pretty” around the holidays. Unfortunately for us Michiganders, we have close to two more months of this tundra-like weather. When the temperature plummets to 2 degrees, the last thing that some of us think about is looking good while taking on this frigid weather. However, you don’t need to sacrifice looking great when bundling up!


1.     Scarves: Instead of resorting to a ski mask, which is something that would actually be very practical in these conditions, big scarves are a great way to keep you warm and still looking cute. They also are a great opportunity to bring some bright colors into your outdoor wardrobe.

2.     Knit Hats/ Ear Muffs: In addition to snow this time of year also brings plenty of wind. A great way to avoid cold air blowing through your hair is by wearing a cute knit hat! This will not only keep your hair from flying out of control, but also gives you a put-together, cozy look.

3.     Parkas/Trench Coats: By wearing a longer coat you are guaranteed to be as warm as possible. It’s not hard to spot girls on campus wearing these down jackets but there is a reason for this craze. Wearing one of these is comparable to wearing a sleeping bag and what could be better for keeping you warm walking through campus. For those of you who own one, you’ll agree that you can’t imagine your life without it.

4.     Boots: This winter has been especially icy so it is extra important to have a pair of decent boots! Not only can boots prevent you from falling on your butt every other step, they can be fashion forward with accents like fur trim and laces all the way up. There are also many fun colors in boots this year to easily brighten up your outfits!

5.     Now for my personal favorite: Fleece-lined leggings. These magical garments are something that I swear by. For all of you fellow legging lovers out there, sometimes they just can’t keep your legs warm enough. By having fleece on the inside, they are sure to keep your legs warm while having the comfort of leggings. What could be better than that!

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