5 Easy Steps To Set Yourself up for a Good Day

Early mornings can be a drag, especially when you wake up and the first thing on your mind is when you can go right back to bed. I’ve found that these five easy steps really wake me up in the morning, and set me up for a great day.

Make your bed

This task is so simple, yet many people don’t do this on the daily. Making your bed takes less than a minute, and coming home and diving into freshly laid sheets is better than flopping down on sheets half off the bed and pillows everywhere.


Doing a five minute stretch not only wakes up your body, but also keeps your muscles strong and healthy. If you’re like me you spend five minutes on your phone anyways when you wake up, so why not stretch instead?

Drink a glass of water

I’ll say it right now.. Just drink a glass of water. Water does so much for the body, and I know we all need a reminder every now and then, so just do it.

Set five daily goals

Personally, I grab my agenda and make five bullet points of things I want to accomplish throughout the day. Sometimes it’s as trivial as painting my nails, but even writing down these goals helps me feel more driven and accomplished when I can check them off.


Taking five minutes to center yourself will do more for your body and mind than you can imagine. Finding your peace before the day starts will help you deal with everyday hardships.

I hope you have a fantastic day!