11 Ways to Brighten Your Day

1. Surround yourself with cheerful colors.

Studies show that people become more joyful when wearing warm, bright colors, such as yellow, orange, or pink, and become relaxed when looking at or wearing cool colors (blue, purple, green.) Text time you’re shopping grab a bright colored scarf or some fun bracelets.

2. Switch on your table lamp or light some candles.

Harsh overhead lighting can intensify stress and frustration, while a softer glow can help soothe you.

3. Take a break from world, put in your ear buds, and lose yourself in your favorite tunes.

Listening to your favorite song can set you in the mood for a great day!

4. Slick on red lip gloss.

Red lips show confidence and sex appeal. The reaction you get from others will help replace your bad mood and turn you into a sexy, sassy lady.

5.Watch a funny show or movie!

It’s impossible to feel bad when you’re laughing, so flip on some Step Brother’s and forget about your annoying roommate.

6. Visualize your happy place.

Maybe it’s a tropical beach or your childhood bedroom. Whatever the location, try to put yourself in that mindset. Changing your mind’s wallpaper to a place you adore will make you happy..even if it only lasts for a minute

7. Snack on citrus fruits.

They can improve your mood and they are healthy for you, win/win!

8. Get with your man!

I’m sure he will know how to make your day better

9. Wear clothes you feel great in,

Every chick has something in her closet that get her positive feedback from friends, coworkers, and random strangers. Change into them — even if it’s just a pair of boots— and enjoy the ego boost.

10. Breathe away bad vibes..

Inhale slowly and deeply for five seconds, then exhale for five. You’ll breathe yourself into a more positive mind-set, and flush away your frustration.

11. Enjoy the outdoors.

Eat lunch in a park. Lie on the grass in your backyard and watch birds fly overhead. Exposure to the outdoors will lower your heart rate and the sunlight will brighten up your day