11 Types of Roommates You'll Have in College

Paying for a single dorm room is most of the time unrealistic and doesn’t really expose you to the “true college experience,” so roommates are really the only option. After being forced to live in the dorms for my first two years of college, I feel like I have seen almost every type of college roommate out there. I came up with a list of some of those types that you might encounter. It’s not always all bad, and sometimes they become your best friends, but some roommates will have you wishing you never left home in the first place. 

The Clean Freak

You may consider yourself to be a pretty neat person, but your clean freak roommate starts an argument over one sock on the ground or an empty water bottle on your night stand. Honestly, this roommate probably spends more time vacuuming than studying. It's working out pretty well for you though because they usually do more than their fair share of cleaning.  

The Slob

The slob is a complete opposite compared to the clean freak. This person literally never cleans up after themselves and completely ignores the chore list that YOU ALL came up with at the beginning of the year. This roommate probably hasn't cleaned up since you both moved in. You need to watch where you step everytime you enter the room or you might step on their dirty underwear or their spilled pop from three weeks ago. 

The Party Animal

You have a big test tomorrow all you want to do is study in peace and quiet, however the party animal roommate will NEVER let that happen. This roommate has already earned their Bachelors of Alcohol degree three times over. It doesn't matter what day of the week it is – in stumbles your roommate at all hours of the night, curious as to why you're trying to sleep at 3AM. As if that is such a bizarre concept. 

The Hermit

Well, you always know where to find this roommate – in their room. It’s like they never leave your dorm, even for class.You wake up, they're there. Go back to your room between classes, they're there. In all honesty, you don't think your roommate ever leaves the room. How are they even passing their classes if they never, ever go?

The Overly Attached

Everyone hopes their roommate will become “their new best friend.” What you didn’t ask for is that one of them would follow you everywhere and expect to be best friends forever.

The Kleptomaniac

With this roommate, things go missing all the time. You're 99% certain that your roommate doesn't actually own anything. Instead, they just help themselves to yours. The chocolate you just bought – gone. The leftovers you explicitly put your name on – gone. At first, you thought you had just drunk eaten the Cheetos and forgotten about it. But then your favorite shirt disappeared. Come to think of it, you also haven’t seen your tennis shoes in quite some time. Seriously, buy your own stuff.

The Passive-Aggressive

Any time there’s an issue that could easily be resolved with a simple face-to-face conversation, they most of the time just avoid the issue. They love to avoid face-to-face confrontation, but always seem to have something to complain about. God forbid they actually talk to you about the problem. You've given up on getting mad. Now, you just let them do their thing.

The Third Roommate

Your roommate's S.O. is literally ALWAYS in the room, even when your roommate's in class or out with their friends. And if the two of them aren't making puppy faces at each other, they're arguing about what to have for dinner. You are THIS close to suggesting splitting room and board three ways.

The Ghost

To be completely honest, you’re not even sure if this roommate really exists or not. You saw them on move-in day and there’s a few items in their room, but they are literally never there. Seriously, where the hell are they hiding?! You considered reporting them as missing to the RA, but then you thought about how nice it is to have a single...

The Noisemaker

This roommate is probably blasting Nickelback for all the world to hear, at all hours of the night. Their alarm is literally so loud it could wake the dead. This roommate insists on having the TV on full volume 24/7 and love to play their guitar right as you're trying to fall asleep.

The Perfect Match 

This roommate is hard to find, in all honesty. Living with other people is hard, but this roommate makes it easy. They are everything you’re looking for in a roommate – honest, respectful and just a well-rounded person. You're actually good friends with them, and you hang out every now and then – but you also give each other the space you need. You couldn’t live through college without them.