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11 Staples to the CMU Experience

As CMU students, I’m sure we have all dealt with our friends from bigger schools saying “Mt. Pleasant, what the heck is there to do there?” Sometimes I struggle with what to say to them apart from the usual, the casino and our school. It’s hard to think of things a person can do in order to keep busy with the closest mall being 35 minutes away, if you can even call it a mall. So here we are, wondering what to do with our remaining leisure time here at Central. Although we may not have the largest variety of things to do like those other schools in East Lansing and Ann Arbor, what we lack in quantity we make up in quality, which sets our school apart from all the others.

I put together a list of some Mount Pleasant “staples” I thought should be mandatory for any person trying to make the most out of their Central Michigan experience, not to mention that they are fun to do just to pass time.

1. Eat a Jesus Dog. I mean come on, free hotdogs… need I say more?

2. Take a tubing trip down the Chip River. A lazy river ride with your friends is a great way to spend a warm summer day.

3. Skip a class – While a perfect attendance record is impressive, sometimes a mental health day can do a soul good.

4. Spend a summer in Mt. Pleasant. Some of people’s best school memories have been during the summer between semesters.

5. Order a Cabin pizza. Hands down my favorite pizza, and as far as I know, no other campus has it.

6. Join a club/RSO/Greek Life. This is not only a resume builder, but it keeps you busy. You might even meet some cool new people that are interested in the same things as you.

7. Attend tailgate. Although we might not be a Big Ten school, we’re still top ten in my book when it comes to tailgate parties.

8. Go on a bar crawl around Mt. Pleasant. There is more than just the Wayside to experience.

9. Visit the Humane Society. There are many animals at the local shelter that all need love and attention. It only takes five minutes to sign up to be a volunteer, and then you can take the dogs on walks.

10. Take a trip to the new water park at Soaring Eagle. Day passes for after 3pm are only $18 with full access to the water slide, lazy river, hot tubs, and a surfing simulator along with other things.

11. Attend Main Stage in the fall. Not only do you get tons of free stuff, but you get a chance to catch up with some of your friends you haven’t seen all summer. 

We should take advantage of our years here and spend them experiencing everything we can before venturing into the real world of deadlines, demanding bosses, and adult responsibilities. We should take the time now to get involved in things that we are truly passionate about. Take advantage of your youth and do something fun that will create memories! Don’t stay in and study all of the time. At the end of your college days, it will be your memories you’ve made with your friends that will stay with you.