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10 Things to Stop Taking for Granted in College



As I’m writing this, I’m sitting in my room in the house where I live with 10 of my best friends, and can’t stop thinking about how I will never live like this again. As a senior, it doesn’t seem real to me that we’ve already experienced some of our “lasts” in college. The last time moving back up to Central being filled with SO much excitement for the year to come, last welcome week, last homecoming as an undergrad, last time signing up for classes (that one is bittersweet), and coming up in a few weeks is our last tailgate. We really do not know how lucky we are to have been at this university and had 4 years of life changing experiences.  

I cringe every time I hear anyone say that they “can’t WAIT to get out of here and make real money.” Those people are going to laugh (and maybe even cry) in a few years that they ever wished that. I find myself jealous of my younger friends that their college years are just beginning. Though my parents may not be, I am happy that I have a victory lap semester next year so I can have one more semester to be a college kid. For younger students, this article is a reminder of the years ahead of you that you shouldn’t waste. For seniors, this article is a wake up call to enjoy the most out of the months we have left in college. I’m so sorry thatI have to say it — YOLO.  

Here are things we all need to stop taking for granted while in college:

  1. Going out during the week: In college, there is an excuse to drink every night of the week. Margarita Monday, Pint Night (Toozeday Boozeday), Wine Wednesday, Thirsty Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday Funday. Those days no longer exist when you graduate. In real life, the weekends don’t start on Thursdays. Go out on a Tuesday, just because you can. Don’t be irresponsible, but take some risks.
  2. College houses/roommates: Never again in your life will it be socially acceptable to have a couch on your front porch, Christmas lights up inside your house all year round, a beer pong table in your living room, and smelly old couches that give the room “character”. More importantly, having roommates (if they’re good ones) is the best. I don’t know about you, but being surrounded by my best friends 24/7, through the ups and downs and lazy Saturdays are what I’m going to miss the most about college. Appreciate those days or nights where you’re in pajamas, sitting around eating junk food, maybe drinking some wine, and you’re all engaging and laughing with each other so much that you aren’t paying attention to the TV.
  3. Being able to borrow money from your parents: Once you graduate and get a job it’s no longer okay to call your parents to transfer money so you can buy “groceries.” I’m not saying take advantage of your parent’s money while you can, but be appreciative and thankful that you have them to lean back on and help you out. For those of you that work your butt off through college, you’re a stronger person than I am that’s for sure.
  4. Sleeping in: The real world doesn’t have a choice of schedule. You work from 9-5 or longer, yuck. Sleep in till 10 minutes before class as much as you can and enjoy every minute of it.
  5. College bars:  Ever noticed how the bars at home just aren’t as fun as college bars? That’s what normal bars are like. College bars are a special kind of crazy. At college bars, you are surrounded by hundreds of people the same age as you, you probably know most of them, and you probably have seen some crazy things you wish you could unsee.
  6. Day drinking: Enough said.
  7. Not having to shower everyday: You probably won’t be able to stroll into work with a messy bun.
  8. Parties: Sure, people have parties after college, but they’re never quite the same as college parties (A.K.A. you have to behave with some sort of adult dignity). And what other time in your life will you be able to leave one party, walk a block, and be at another?
  9. Being able to walk to your friend’s houses, let alone living in the same city: This one depresses me the most. Most likely, within a few years of graduating, all your college friends will be scattered across the state/country/globe. You won’t be able to walk over to their house because you’re bored.
  10.  Great professors: Along with all of the fun experiences college brings you, the reason you are here is to earn an education. Professors are here to help us learn, grow, and find ourselves. I’m sure you won’t regret it if you take time to talk to them during their office hours about any issues you are having. Most of them are pretty cool and if you form a relationship with them they may have connections in your field of interest and potentially get you a job.


If you aren’t enjoying and making the most of college, change that! Join an RSO, GO GREEK, volunteer on campus, and get involved! You’ll be glad you did.


Beth is a Senior at Central Michigan University. She is majoring in Apparel Merchandising and Design with a minor in Advertising. Beth is an active member of the sorority Phi Sigma Sigma. Her hopes are to be Chicago/LA/NYC bound in the next 2 years, working in the styling or product development area of the fashion industry. An interesting fact about Beth is that she is extremely obsessed with Beyoncé.
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