10 Things I Learned in the Matter of 72 Hours

You know those “things” in life that happen in an instant? Those “things” that make you think, “this is going to change my life”. I had one of those “things” happen this week. Sure enough, it changed my life. It also taught me many lessons. Lessons I want to share with you.

  1. Your parents have a lot of life experience, so you should probably listen to them.

  2. Mother Nature will always win.

  3. Just because your life stops, doesn’t mean life around you does.

  4. Pay attention to those who check-in on you.

  5. Pay even more attention to those who don’t.

  6. Pay the most attention to those who see through your tough exterior.

  7. Take care of yourself first, because a job will replace you in a second.

  8. Be humble.

  9. Listen to the advice of others.

  10. Don’t keep your safe filled with important paperwork in the cold, you’ll have to pry it open with a screwdriver.

Every hour, every day, and every week is filled with opportunities to learn and grow from the universe. Take these lessons; learn from them, use them, and grown from them. Understand that you are where you are at this very moment because you are supposed to be. You can’t control everything in life, so enjoy the ride and be a constant student of life.

Life is too short not to be.