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Stephen Jones, Actor behind BYU’s “New Spice” and Humor U member

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BYU chapter.
HC:Why did you choose to come to BYU?
SJ: I actually thought I would never live in Utah, nor did I think I would attend BYU. I moved to Utah the summer after my mission because I was looking to for a change. I was gonna do the whole UVU thing but I applied to BYU and got in.

HC:How did you get involved with Humor U?
SJ: I was invited by a friend to come and watch an open-mic Humor  U was having in 2008. I didn’t expect to audition. I got there late and the host came to the end of the list and asked if there was anyone else who wanted to come up. I just went with it and did. They called me back a few days later. I had no idea it was an audition for the group but I accepted their offer.

HC:How did you get involved with HBLL Productions to create the “New Spice” video?
SJ: One of the people on the production team heard me impersonate the original Old Spice commercial early that summer. They mentioned my name in one of their production meetings when they came up with the concept of the scholar character. They called me up and then I joined the library multimedia production unit and helped write the parody script.

HC: What was your reaction when you saw the increasing number of hits on the video?
SJ: I remember getting a message on Facebook from a friend in California. He was like, “I think your video is going viral.” I didn’t even know what that meant. I thought he was using slang like it was a disease, like it was sick and he really liked it. I don’t think I really understand to this day how crazy it really was. It is hard to see how others will react to something you do because by the time you are done with a project it becomes very objective.

HC: What, if any, opportunities where presented to you as a result of this video?
SJ: I have had a number of acting, hosting and stand up comedy opportunities. Some highlights are, hosting the Homecoming spectacular and recording a comedy DVD that will be released sometime in Fall. Also, I am launching my personal Youtube channel called The Known Network, with Sott Winn one of the creators of New Spice. We just recently released a Antoine Dodson parody about Jimmer Fredette.

HC: What are your plans for the future?
SJ: My plans for the future are to continue to share my creativity in whatever way I can. I also plan to get an MBA in organizational behavior.

Watch the New Spice Spoof here:


Then watch “Court Intruder,” Jones’ latest project: