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BYU Gymnast Krysten Koval

HC: What inspired you to start doing gymnastics?
Krysten:My mom actually enrolled me in my first class when I was 2, because I was really shy and she thought it would get me to open up and talk, but all it did was discover I had a talent for it. I’ve never stopped since then.
HC: What drove you to continue your gymnastics career into college?
Krysten:My parents would take me to watch the college gym meets, and after watching those girls have so much fun I knew that was what I wanted to do with gymnastics. (Plus I knew it would help a lot if my school could be paid for.)
HC: What made you choose to go to BYU?
Krysten:I was skeptical at first because I wasn’t a member of the LDS church at the time, but after visiting the university and meeting the coaches and a few other athletic coordinators I fell in love with everything BYU had to offer.
HC: What is a typical practice like?
Krysten:Treatments start at noon, and that’s where we get taped and do whatever else we need to be ready for practice. Line up is at 12:45, and Brad will talk to us for about ten minutes about what we need to get done that day. We then do our aerobics routine and start events by 1:15. There are four 40 minute rotations where everyone will be divided into groups and rotate through the events. Not everyone does all four events so some people finish before others. On Tuesdays and Thursdays we have weight lifting after practice, so we get done later. After practice we have post-treatments where we ice and treat our injuries, and then we are done and can go home. Usually we get done around 5:15 or 5:30. 
HC: Is there anything the team does before a meet to get pumped? 
Krysten:Before leaving the locker room we huddle up and everyone says how they’re feeling (usually it’s words like “confident,” “ready,” “excited”). Then as we’re walking to the tunnel to be introduced we always sing the BYU fight song and yell a few other cheers before we are announced.
HC: Does it get overwhelming trying to balance school, gymnastics, and a social life?
Krysten:All the time! We have to discipline ourselves and learn to manage our time very well. Most of us have to do homework in the airports or on the plane. 
HC: Tell us about one of your best/favorite moments you’ve had on the BYU gymnastics team.
Krysten:It’s hard to pick just one, but one that stands out is from this past December. The last day of finals we dressed up as Christmas characters and went caroling around the athletic offices. 
HC: What are your favorite events to compete in and why?
Krysten:I love competing beam and floor because you get to perform and really show your personality. 
HC: What are your plans for the future?
Krysten:I want to graduate with my bachelors degree in advertising and go on to receive my MPA from the Marriott School. I eventually want to do the marketing/promotions for either a professional sports team or an entertainment company like Six Flags or Sea World

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