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BYU alive with Innovation

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BYU chapter.

Living innovation was the theme for the TEDxBYU event last Friday, Feburuary 11, on campus in the Partdoe Theater.

TED, is an annual conference where “Ideas Worth Spreading,” are explored and discussed. Independently organized TED events called TEDx are held worldwide. The events include live speakers and open discussion through small groups.

With speakers ranging from BYU undergrads to CEOs, TEDxBYU encouaged students and the Utah public to live an innovative life. Throughout the conference, the audience was invited to leave their phones on and tweet as much as their hearts desired. This resulted in a constant stream of updates with the #TEDxBYU hashtag, even after the event ended.

Among the speakers were Dan Blake, BYU undergrad and founder and CEO of EcoScraps, Christa Gannon, BYU Alum currently at the Peery Foundation, and Mike Murray, co-founder and past chairman of Unitus. All speakers shared their experiences with innovation, and explained how the audience can live an innovative life.

Blake explained to the audience that regardless of talent and age, wanting something more than anyone else will make a difference. Blake  stated, “You do not have to choose between making money and doing good.”

Gannon, founder of FLY, an organization that mentors and teaches at-risk students, shared insight to what we can gain from the world around us.

“Engage the person right across from us because they’ve got something to teach us,” she said during her 15 minute presentation. She also mentioned we all have inner voices telling us what we need to do to further develop.

BYU plans to hold a TEDx event annually and videos of the speakers will be posted by the end of the month on the TEDxBYU website and the TEDx website for viewers all over the world. 

Photo by Jaren Wilkey.  Christa Gannon speaks  at the TEDxBYU event.