Your New Favorite Animal- the Capybara

We all know that my overall preference is possums. Last year I accidentally hit one with my car and I still think about it sometimes when I need to feel sad. Also, I identify with them because I, too, often scream at my own ass.



But there’s a furry little friend who deserves a bit more attention than he’s getting right now. I’m talking about the capybara.



He’s a super cool dude. He may just look like a big ol’ beaver, but he’s actually so much more. For example, he’s great at making friends.




He’s also very loving toward members of his own species.








He looks hilarious from the front.



He enjoys a nice dip in the pool.




He’s very stylish. New York Fashion Week who?




But he CAN and WILL bite you if you get too close. Capybaras are very territorial and have what are scientifically called “Big Ol’ Chompin’ Teeth.”



So maybe don’t get one as a pet, but you can still look at them from afar.


In conclusion, capybaras are very important and should be treated as such. Thank you.