What's wrong with being a "sorority girl"?


To preface this rant, I walked into one of my classes on Monday. This happens to be the class I share with my Big (the older member of my sorority who is sort of my guide through my sorority journey, and also my best friend).


This Monday was the first day of classes after spring break and I hadn’t seen my Big in 10 days, so logically, I was excited to see her.


I walked into class and loudly exclaimed “BIG!!!” when I saw her. We did the whole “hugging, how are you, I miss you” thing for a minute or so and then sat down.



Another girl in the class muttered, “you guys are the definition of sorority girls”. She said it quietly, but just loud enough that my big and I could hear it. I could tell by the look on the girl’s face that she wanted us to hear her snide remark.


This comment pissed me off.



As millennials, we are constantly surrounded by stereotypes. You’ve got the girly

girl, the jock, the douche bag, the loser, the nerd, the hipster, and the list goes on and on.


Most of the stereotypes we hear about are negative ones, but what about the positive ones?


Yes, there are positive stereotypes that exist.


Take doctors for example. Doctors are stereotypically smart, well educated, and good at their jobs. Positive stereotype. BOOM.


Moms are stereotypically supportive, over the top loving, and their daughter’s bff. Another positive stereotype. BOOM. Again.



Who cares if you get really excited about seeing your bff for the first time in a while, and why does an extravagant hello immediately pin me as a sorority girl?


So what is the sorority girl stereotype?


The media portrays the average sorority girl as being very preppy, outgoing, dumb, loud, ditsy, likes to drink and party, slutty, vain, and basically just a bunch of stupid, rich, white girls with whole lot of drama.




As a sorority girl, I’d like to shut this stereotype down.


Going through the rush process and joining a sorority has been the best decision of my college career. From the very first time I stepped foot in the house, I was surrounded by love, support, and 190 new sisters who I already loved.


This is what the sorority girl stereotype should be: an individual with love for her philanthropy and her sisters and whatever the hell else she wants to be identified with.


Every sorority is diverse. No two girls are exactly the same. Everyone has their own story.




My house has hipsters, girly girls, tomboys, athletes, geeks, prepsters, basic bitches, and literally every type of person imaginable.


So if I strike you as a typical sorority girl, one who’s girly and loud and loves her sisters, then that’s fine by me.


Someone once told me to live my best life, like live your life the way you want to and such, and now I’m telling you to do so. Live your best life. If for you that means wearing a Vineyard Vines tee every other day, then do it. If it means you wake up 30 minutes early every morning to get coffee, then do it. If it means doing card tricks in your free time, then do it. If it means killing things, then don’t, but you get what I mean.


Live your life the way you’re going to be happiest, and to all my sorority girls out there, don’t let anyone give you shit. People who judge just don’t understand what it’s like to have a crap ton of wonderful sisters.