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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Butler chapter.

Well, folks, it’s officially spooky szn, and you know what that means! It’s time to start thinking about your Halloween costume. And if you think you’re too old to dress up for Halloween, you’re lying to yourself. There’s no age limit on fun. Part of that fun is picking out your costume in the first place. So, just to make the costume-hunting process easier for you all, I’ve decided to gift you with this list of trendy things you can be for Halloween this year. If you use any of these costume ideas, I guarantee* that you’ll go viral on Twitter for just how funny these costume ideas are.


*For legal reasons, I can’t really guarantee you anything but just trust me when I say these ideas are truly the epitome of trendy and cool.


A Tall Girl



Ah, yes. Netflix’s latest disaster about a high school junior who’s life is rife with adversity due to her wearing size 13 Nike’s. Sorry, MEN’S size 13 Nike’s. Look, I’m not trying to say that tall people are free from bullying. But, like, as someone who’s 4’11”, being short is way harder. Anyways, being a tall girl regardless of whether or not you’re actually tall is a great Halloween costume. Why? Because memes. People love memes, and meme Halloween costumes are always a hit. Plus, it gives you an excuse to walk around and loudly proclaim how hard your life is, because, in case you forgot, tall girls wear men’s size 13 Nike’s.



Okay, if you couldn’t see this one coming from lightyears away, where have you been for the past month? VSCO girls are all the rage these days. There’s nothing more trendy than being a trend for Halloween. Plus, it’s a pretty easy costume to put together. I’d say the bare minimum requirements for this costume are an oversized T-shirt, a couple of scrunchies, and a Hydroflask. Those are the VSCO girl essentials. So simple! But if you wanna really commit, make sure you own a Fjallraven Kanken backpack, a puka shell necklace, a Fujifilm instant camera, a pair of Birkenstocks, and an entire skincare routine consisting of solely Mario Badescu products. Maybe you could even download the actual VSCO app to prove you’re a true VSCO girl. Oh, and don’t forget to say “And I oop-” and “SKSKSKSKSKS” instead of “trick or treat”.


A Tik Tokker

If you haven’t heard, Tik Tok is basically the new Vine. And with it comes a plethora of trends and memes that you could be for Halloween. The possibilities are truly endless. Perhaps you might want to embrace your inner thot and don a Harvard sweatshirt and recreate Dani Cohn’s iconic video of her dancing to Usher’s “I Don’t Mind”. A scary sight to behold indeed. Or, if you have a flair for the theatrical, why not throw on the soundtrack to “Beetlejuice: The Musical”? Literally any song will work, as Tik Tok has made up a trend for every single song. Plus, it’s actually spooky! And if you’re looking for a group costume, well, you’re in luck. Tik Tok has you covered there too. Just grab two friends and spin around in a circle while chanting “We’re the girls, we’re the girls, we’re the girls.” when anybody asks what you’re supposed to be.


An Alien

This one might be my favorite. The “raid” on Area 51 to “see them aliens” just happened not too long along, and although no one went past the gates to steal their new alien best friend, you can at least pretend you did on Halloween! This idea is also a great one for groups. One of you could be an alien, another could Naruto run to rescue you from the clutches of the government, and another could be an unassuming Area 51 guard oblivious to the insanity about to go down. Make sure to blast “Another Gunga Ginga Type Beat” so you can properly communicate with your fellow alien brethren still trapped at Area 51.


Unfortunately, that’s all I have for now. If none of these trendy ideas strike your fancy, no worries. It shouldn’t be too hard to come up with your own idea, just hop on social media and figure out which meme of the month is the most popular. However, I think my ideas are pretty genius. If you actually end up choosing one of these Halloween costumes, I’d love to see how it turned out! Tag me on Twitter @loupino_. I’ll be looking forward to your trendy (and not-so-spooky) creations. Happy Halloween month!

Louise Irpino is currently a junior at Butler University majoring in English creative writing and minoring in criminology. She is the mother of a long furby named Lady Eileen Tumblepuff. Follow her on social media for more attempts at relatable comedic content or contact her at lirpino@butler.edu with any questions, comments, or concerns.
Rae Stoffel is a senior at Butler University studying Journalism with a double minor in French and strategic communications. With an affinity for iced coffee, blazers, and the worlds worst jokes, she calls herself a witty optomistic, which can be heavily reflected in her writing. Stoffel is a Chicago native looking forward to returning to the windy city post graduation.