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3 Time Management Tips 


1. Prioritize 


In a planner, highlight what’s immediately due or whatever is worth the most amount of points. I know there’s gonna be a million other things you need to do, and would much rather do, but you need to do what’s most important. 


2. Make a rule 


Make a rule that you can reasonably follow whether that be being in the library at 9 pm every night or waking up at 8 am every morning to do homework. For example, I have a rule to not leave the room I’m studying in until I’ve finished at least one assignment. That way I’ve made sure I’m getting something done each time I’ve sat down to study. 


3. If there’s an important exam or paper due on a certain day and you haven’t studied for it or finished it at least two days before it’s due, don’t go out 


I know it seems obvious, but it’s really hard to say no sometimes. Sometimes I’ll go out to dinner with friends and come back 3 hours later or go to the gym and come back 2 hours later (thinking I’d only be an hour each time) and by the time I know it, it’s 11:30 pm and I’m just starting all my work. While I am a night owl and I do write fairly quickly, I do need more than an hour or two to have my work be at its best. Also, the reason I say two days before and instead of the day before is so that you build and have a buffer. If you do the work two days before, you’ll have an extra day to check it over and feel more confident as opposed to rushing/cramming the night before. 


Mikaela loves to read, write, sing, and play piano. She also aspires to be a lawyer one day.
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