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Taylor Watkins: Her Dream is a Wish Their Heart Makes

Taylor Watkins is a junior Biology major with a double minor in Chemistry and Neuroscience at Butler University, and is living proof that you can make the glass slipper and wear it too.


Her Campus (HC): What inspired you to be Pre-med?

Taylor Watkins (TW): I had a lot of experiences, especially in high school, with kids. I was the March of Dimes Teen ambassador for Indiana in high school. And I have always had an interest in Biology and the human body so it just made sense.

HC: Which pre-med course has been the biggest challenge? How did you overcome it?

TW: Organic Chemistry. I withdrew from O-chem the first time around which opened up the opportunity for me to intern at Make-A-Wish which was a blessing in disguise. I am a big believer that everything happens for a reason. If I had not struggled in that class I would not have become so involved with Make-A-Wish.

HC: Did your experiences at Make a Wish cause you to look at life differently?

TW: For sure!  Before Make-A-Wish, I would let little things bog me down.  But when you get to work with these strong, brave, amazing kiddos- your perception changes. You realize that if a young child going through full chemo radiation can laugh and joke with you while being hooked up to several IVs with a cap on their bald head, then getting a C on an exam isn’t that big of a deal.At Make A Wish we have a motto, “Hope, Strength, and Joy”, and every child who is granted at wish really embodies those words. Even the creativity of their wishes reminded me of what is important in life. There was one little girl who just wanted to meet the character of the Disney princess without all the hair and makeup and dress, and I actually got to be a part of that wish which was really special.

HC: Speaking of, I understand you were a Disney Princess for some time. What was that experience like?

TW: Not to be cliché, but magical. Bringing that fairytale imagination to life for kids and seeing their reactions is a one of a kind feeling.

HC: Were there any things you didn’t like about it?

TW: Disney has done a wonderful job of creating the image of their characters. Since they worked so hard on that, they are not willing to lose the image so easily.  At times, I was frustrated with some of the stipulations like inserting metal bars in the corsets of the costumes to keep the waist small or completing weigh ins.

HC: Do you look at that experience as a necessary evil, or something that should be changed?

TW: Like I said, the reason they did it was for the consistent image Disney wants. And I know now they are starting to make the change to a real body image, like, there was the release of a new Barbie that was supposed to have more realistic proportions. So I think there is a movement towards a more accepting Barbie/princess image.  But it goes back to what that little girl I mentioned earlier said it is about having the character of a princess that really matters.  My favorite part about being a princess wasn’t taking pictures and holding that image. It was talking with the kids and hearing about what they wanted to be when they grew up. I was able to hold a role to encourage them to become whatever they wanted to be. 

HC: What’s one piece of advice, or motto, you live by. Why?

TW: Keep your head up. My grandfather told my dad and I this when we were going through a tough time.  I think that saying applies to numerous people in a variety of different situations. It’s just to say that when you are facing adversity, to keep a smile on your face and continue on.

HC: If there was one thing you would want people that read this profile to know about you, what would that one thing be?

TW: I love the quote, “That the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” I hope people can read that statement and believe in it for themselves.

Jazmine Bowens is a senior at Butler University. She is a Psychology major with a minor in Neuroscience and the Campus Corespondent for Butler University's Her Campus chapter. When she isn't in class, she's writing poetry, reading romance novels, or hanging out with her friends. Jazmine hopes to one day become an environmental lawyer and a published novelist.
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