A Soft Bops Update


Welcome back to everyone’s favorite sappy playlist (the 2018 version).



We’re barely a couple months into 2018 and I’ve already found some of the softest, most delicate bops of the year. Okay, some are really old but they’re good. JUST GO WITH IT, CAROL.


Turn your lock and put your headphones on, loves, (like that one T Swift lyric tells you to do) because it’s time to soft bop.


Super Soft Additions:

Take You Home- Scars on 45

Never Come Back Again- Austin Plaine

Break Up Text- Netherfriends, Max Wells

I Don’t Want To Be Okay Without You- Charlie Burg

The Lost Boy (ft. Skizzy Mars)- Lostboycrow

Can’t Get it Right Today- Joe Purdy

Sweeter Than This- Katie Herzig

Sky- Joshua Radin

Where the Road Meets the Sun- Katie Herzig, Matthew Perryman Jones

The Good Side- Troye Sivan

Simple Things- Megan D

Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop- Landon Pigg

Sweet Pea- Amos Lee

First Day of my Life- Bright Eyes

Bloom- The Paper Kites


Bop on my friends, bop on.