A Skincare Session

I’m what I’d like to call a facemask enthusiast, but here’s the thing, I know next to nothing about skin care, let alone which facemask to use when. My roommate, however, is our in house skincare connoisseur. So logically, I asked her to share her wealth of knowledge with me (and also all of you lovely individuals).



HC: When did you first start using face masks?


M: “At young age, maybe 5th grade? Those were just for fun though ‘cus my mom’s a pharmacist so she knows all about the home remedies and what's good for your skin and what not. We would do an oatmeal and milk mixture and smear it on our faces and just lay there. It was great. We also did some honey and blueberries, avocado sometimes too. I don’t think  really started doing them regularly until college.”


HC: If you could use one facemask for the rest of your life what would it be?


M: “Oh the Body Shop’s Tea Tree Oil Skin Clearing Clay Mask. It’s great for combination skin and gives you this super relaxing cooling feeling that lasts even after your take it off.”


HC: What do you think about the DIY at home face masks?


M: “Those are good, they’re natural. They don't have any of the chemicals like some of the ones that you get from walgreens or target do. I’m a fan of the all natural stuff”


HC: How often do you typically use facemasks?


M: “I usually do them once a week or once every other week, just depending on how my skin is doing that week.”


HC: How do you decide which products to use?


M: “There’s this website that I really like, cosdna.com. It looks kinda sketchy, but it’s not. You just type in the name of the product and it ranks it for you based on acne, irritance, UV blocker, and safety. That’s how I determine whether or not I’m gonna buy something for my face. It’ll tell you what’s in it and if it's really good for your skin or not. Some of the chemicals actually make acne worse so it’s always a good idea to check this site before trying something new.”


HC: What are your thoughts on the Korean skincare trend?


M: “I think its funny, they’ve been doing it forever over there and then it's just a fad over here. In general though, asian skin care is really good.”


HC: What’s your favorite place to buy skincare products?


M: “The Body Shop for sure, it’s definitely expensive, but it’s worth it. The results totally make it worth it, like I can see a difference in my skin when I use them.”


HC: Advice for skincare beginners?


M: “Do research and read blogs all you want, but it really comes down to personal preference. You have to try out a ton of different products and figure out what works best for you. It’s a trial and error process for sure but very rewarding in the end. Also Sheet masks. As great and as easy as sheet masks are, I truly believe the natural stuff is better, ‘cus like everyone loves sheet masks, but you can never go wrong with a mud mask.The sheet masks are better for things like radiance and moisture, but a mud mask, something natural is gonna be better for really getting into your pores and clarifying your skin.”



I hope you lovelies find this info useful! Happy skin caring!