Shit College Kids Say

College students say some of the weirdest things I’ve ever heard. Like actually, the weirdest things.



I’ve noticed a few things about college students that I never had before. More specifically, the things they say…


I now present you with some of my favorite college terms and phrases, so you too can understand just what the fuck occurred at Sigma Delta Fratboi Express last weekend.


  1. Sexiled -verb; when your roommate kicks you out so they can have sex with that cute guy from chem


Jess totally sexiled me last night, she was with Chad again so I had to sleep on Mary’s floor.


  1. Slaps- adj; when something, usually a song, is really good or fun or entertaining or something like that.


Man you heard the new Post Malone single? That shit slaps!


  1. Calling inanimate objects “boy” -can be a noun or an adj, and whatever else the college mind decides to deem it at this point.


*remote isn’t working* hmm this boy sleepin or somethin?


  1. Referring to everything as “she” (a Kath Bergmann original)


*weather is really rainy and gross* Ohhh she stormy.


  1. Yeet and its past tense, yote- can be a verb or adj or anything else as well; an expression of happiness, or gratitude.


I got an A on my calc exam! YEET! When Cheryl got iced she totally yoted.


  1. Vine references, constant vine references- rip vine; an app full of six second mind numbing videos. College students love to reference the shit out of them.


A few of my favorites


  • I want chipotle, I SAID A HEALTHY SNACK REBECCA!

  • *some chick is vaping* waaaaaaaoooooooow

  • Look at all those chickens

  • You either kill yourself or get killed mmm whatcha gonna do, mmmm whatcha gonna do.

  • I only have 69 cents. You know what that means! *crying* I don’t have enough for chicken nuggets.

  • Re Rebecca its not what you think! I won't hesitate bitch​