Seven Memorable Movie Scenes to Celebrate Spiderman Not Leaving the MCU

Title: Seven Memorable Movie Scenes to Celebrate Spiderman Not Leaving the MCU

With the way things ended in Spiderman: Far From Home, it’s understandable why fans were so distraught with Spiderman leaving the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In celebration of him staying, here are seven memorable movie scenes:

Spiderman joins Team Iron Man in battle, Captain America: Civil War 

On Iron Man’s command, Spiderman joins him in the airport battle against Captain America. He flies in and steals Cap’s shield, shooting web onto his hands to serve as handcuffs. Then, in classic Peter fashion, he begins to strike up a conversation (but, of course, is shut down by none other than Iron Man). 


Peter tells Aunt May he lost the internship, Spiderman: Homecoming

In this scene, a tearful Peter tells Aunt May that he lost the Stark internship. At this point, Aunt May has yet to find out that Peter is Spiderman, so this was just a normal teenage mistake to her. It was in a sense, but it meant so much more to Peter because it meant that Iron Man no longer trusted him. This scene is the emotional aftermath before everything was resolved (Iron Man invited him to join the Avengers, though he declined that request) at the end of the movie.


“A Film By Peter Parker,” Spiderman: Homecoming

In around the first four minutes of Spiderman: Homecoming, the audience sees a glimpse into the thoughts and feelings of Peter Parker during his trip to Germany to help Iron Man in Captain America: Civil War. In this video diary, we see his excitement about his new suit, his surprise at seeing all the avengers, and his interesting relationship with Happy Hogan. It was a well-liked start to his first solo movie in the MCU. 


Tony Stark invites Peter to help him in Germany, Captain America: Civil War


In Peter Parker/Spiderman’s introduction to the MCU, Tony Stark comes to the teen’s apartment in Queens and invites him to come to Germany. In their humorous interaction, Peter states he can’t go. Why? Because he has homework. As we all know, he did end up going to help Iron Man in battle, but this scene shows just how Peter resembles an average high school student. 


Peter mistakenly asks Edith to send a drone to kill Brad, Spiderman: Far From Home



In this scene, the audience gets to see Peter Parker struggle between his Spiderman responsibilities and his teenage drama. In an attempt to stop Brad from sending MJ an embarrassing picture of him, Peter declares Brad a target and accidentally tells Edith to send a drone to kill him. As you can expect, this caused some panic and destruction, but Peter managed to defuse the situation in the end. Brad remained alive and well, and the picture of Peter was nowhere to be found.  


Aliens movie reference, Avengers: Infinity War



Peter Parker makes numerous pop culture references throughout the movie, much to Tony’s dismay. This one, in particular, is mentioned more than once and adds great humor to the movie in his conversations with Iron Man. If you haven’t seen Aliens, the 1986 movie with Sigourney Weaver, then you might want to consider watching it (if not for the references, then for its positive reviews). 


(Yes, I know what you’re thinking… Peter’s death scene in Infinity War was much more memorable. But, do we really want to look back on such a tragic time?)


Tony and Peter reunite after The Blip, Avengers: Endgame



Spiderman’s “death” in Infinity War was shocking to many, but he came back to fight alongside the other Avengers in Endgame. Before Tony was tragically taken from us, we got to see this bittersweet reunion between the two. Tony was genuinely embracing Peter in a hug - not just opening the car door for him.


Fans are so glad that Sony and Marvel Studios have reunited, granting us a third solo Spiderman film within the MCU. It has recently been announced that this film will be released July 16th, 2021. In the meantime, here’s a recap of everyone’s (including Spiderman’s) reaction to the end of credits scenes in Spiderman: Far From Home: