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The “Office Ladies” Podcast is a Gift to Humanity

Hello, my name is Emily and I, like every Butler student, it would seem, adore the US version of “The Office!”


Although the series ended back in 2013, the show has maintained a very loyal fanbase thanks to truly well-written, hilarious episodes, a wonderful cast of characters (and actors!), and easy accessibility on Netflix. “The Office” has always had a special place in my heart since my brother and I watched it together when I was in high school. Years later, Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey (Pam and Angela!) have blessed us with a delightful podcast that will eventually work its way, episode by episode, throughout the entire series, giving fans insight to the production of the show!


I know the question that’s flashing through your mind: is it worth it to take 45 minutes out of my day to undertake an episode? Well, here’s a few things you can expect from this podcast:


1.) Fast Facts!


This segment is a part of each episode, and one of the most fascinating. In it, Fischer and Kinsey dish on tidbits about the show that only insiders would know, from facts on casting to production details! It’s both fun and fascinating!


2.) Guest Stars


While every episode doesn’t have a guest star, the most recent one featured Rainn Wilson (Dwight!) and our fearless hosts have promised more guests in the future. It’s so fun to see how well they get along even years after the show ended!


3.) Hidden Objects


In each episode, Kinsey makes mention of at least one item in the background of a scene that doesn’t make sense or is hard to see. It’ll give you a new reason to rewatch the show?


4.) Nostalgia


It’s so fun to hear Fischer and Kinsey talk about the people and plots that made the show great. They really have a lot of love for the whole cast and crew, and it shows through this very well-done podcast!


5.) The music of Creed Bratton


That’s right! The podcast’s theme music is from the band The Grass Roots, a group that includes the talents of Creed Bratton (who, of course, played Creed in the show!) How fun is that?


Office fans, meet your match. “Office Ladies” may be the podcast for you!

Emily Wray is a sophomore at Butler studying English and Creative Media. She loves John Hughes movies, cold brew, ABBA, podcasts, and storytelling. An Indianapolis native, you can contact her through email, social media, or by simply yelling a pop culture reference across a crowded room- she'll respond to most, if not all.
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